Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar

August 7, 2020 10:54:19 AM



Suggestions for city financing


I got a solution as to how the city can get the new forensic equipment with little cost to the tax payers. From the information given at the council meeting and in the paper, the forensic department is creating income doing outside work. That's refreshing for a government department. Now, how to pay for the $150,000 cost, how about terminating the JR $90,000 annual retainer? Then the percentage fee they receive for overseeing the overs seeing of city projects. That money could be used to help reduce the cost of various projects in the city. If you want a good example of management/overseeing work being done, just drive by the "new" fire station on Airline Road. How many years and how much money has it cost? Word on the street has it the concrete paving will be given in small partials so there will be no bids required. Sounds like the new LED light the city awarded without bidding.


Another example of money well spent, have you looked a the Amphitheater lately? Unless the city is given more money from the state, which is our taxes, on the pretext of it's not cost us anything, it will not be finished. Sounded good until you think about, we are paying for it. Now it's on the Island, with the walking bridge closed and no parking available on the Island, flooded twice already. Would you say good planning and overseeing? Got a great very expensive entrance compliment of the state taxpayers but no money to finish it. A nice roundabout between second and third street is being built. Where is the city's match coming from? Mismanagement and nepotism is rampant. Transparency and accountability is needed if Columbus is to survive. Now the Mississippi Audit Department is looking at the city's bookkeeping, $35 million in debt and growing. Citizens you better wake up and start paying attention.



God Bless America!


Lee Roy Lollar