Voice of the people: Paul Mack

August 12, 2020 10:42:13 AM



Biden's selection of Harris shows strength


We now know Joe Biden's choice for VP, and she is Senator Kamala Harris. Say what you like about her politics; she is not the subject of this letter. The two presidential candidates are, though.


Senator Harris went after former VP Biden on the issue of race in an early presidential debate last year. Not surprisingly, this created some bad blood between the two.



Fast forward to 2020. Biden picks Senator Harris as his running mate, an indication that he is strong enough to welcome a diversity of opinions. Wherever they might come from. Even from those who have challenged them in the past.


Even when, gasp, they come from a woman. Even one who attacked him on TV. Which is my point. President Trump wouldn't - and couldn't - do that because he is afraid of her.


How do we know? His response was almost immediately to call her names. She is "phony Kamala," not to mention "nasty," "meanest," "most horrible" and "disrespectful." Biden, you wimp, this is how a real man responds. That's because "real" men are afraid of strong, capable women. Amirite?!


Wait, did I say that out loud? Yes? Well, let me be clear. I actually meant to imply that real "real" men not only get along with strong, capable women, they not only welcome them - they also seek them out. They want to be on the same team!


Our president, by contrast, is weak, unable to imagine even hearing opinions that differ from his, let alone processing and possibly benefiting from them. No matter the source. Why else would he say yesterday that the pandemic is almost over - as Florida reported a record number of deaths that very same day. Perhaps no one told him the facts.


The President will be able to avoid direct interaction with Senator Harris but Vice President Pence will have to debate her on October 7.


I would not want to be him. I think he will gain a few new holes that night.


Paul Mack