Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar

January 12, 2021 10:34:58 AM



A better Columbus and inclusion


Reading Leslie Sorrell's letter in the December 14 edition was a breath of fresh air because many writers are obsessed with the "sins" of Trump and his efforts to "Make America Great," when the "friendly" city they call home has almost run off the rails through mismanagement and lack of leadership. I have been called a "Racist" and a complainer for my concern about the city's direction and services. A friend called me the other day and said the street sweeper must be out of service because his neighborhood had curbs and gutters stopped up with leaves. I told him there were piles of debris that have not been picked up in months in my neighborhood. The city's answer to this is "See Click Fix"? I see the city's "4 men and a truck" driving around everywhere. Several properties in my neighborhood look like junk yards, no code enforcement. The medians on main street are constantly maintained, but not so with ditches in East Columbus and other areas. But I have complained about this before. In my neighborhood, most of the residents keep the litter picked up and our ditches trimmed. Pride of ownership. Leslie, you are not alone in "one person can make a difference." Hopefully your letter will wake many up and citizens will join the "ABC" movement.


I was shocked to read, some of our city officials seem down right "gitty" over letting a Hindu from Nevada have the invocation at a council meeting. While I fully understand the "freedom of religion" bit, what's the big deal? At least Mr. Mickens and Mr. Gavin showed some concern over the decision. As far as being "like any other preacher"? Someone explain that to me. As far as an evangelical Christian pastor and a Hindu Guru being similar, I beg to differ. But at least we're an all "inclusive" city? The bright spot is, the meetings are started with an invocation.



One other point, I hope our DA will prosecute and convict Mr. Rawle. You can be assured the bond company that paid the state for the city's money Mr. Rawle embezzled will go after him. That might be interesting. No wonder the millage rate has increased eight times. No one understands the city's finances, no one questions the financial reports, because a lot of numbers are just thrown out. If the interim accountant has not made the firm looking at the city's books aware of the lack of bank statement not reconciling, Mr. Rawle might never have been caught. Join the "A Better Columbus Group."


God Bless Columbus and America.


Lee Roy Lollar