Voice of the people: Jerry Fortenberry

January 12, 2021 10:35:21 AM



Thinks recent letter is an example of deflection


In response to Lee Roy Lollar's letter to the Dispatch on January 11, I would like to point out that deflection has become the standard tool used by the conservatives when they don't like what they see their own party and Trump supporters doing. I looked in horror as Trump supporters beat our uniformed policemen on the videos from that reprehensible attack on our institutions of government. They (the Republicans) love to tell us they are the ones who "support the blue" but we see Trump supporters beating the police and killing one. Then they love to refer to the BLM movement and the rioting which we Democrats do NOT approve of, but they say we don't denounce. Yes we DO denounce it, but keep in mind the demonstrations were incited by unnecessary police brutality that led to deaths of black men. This heinous attack on our government was in response to falsely repeated accusations by Trump and right wing media of voter fraud that did NOT occur!


Jerry Fortenberry