Voice of the people: Stan Boden

January 12, 2021 10:35:28 AM



Points out precedent for objecting to the certification of Electoral votes


Most Mississippi law makers were part of 147 House and Senate Republicans who objected to at least some of the Democrat electors in Wednesday's vote. They were acting on their constitutional right to do so; and following the examples set by Democrats who were unhappy with previous elections. Refuting a charge made in this forum Monday, their vote had nothing to do with trying to overthrow our government. That took place following the 2016 election.


The votes objecting to certifying the electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania were a means of allowing debate and the airing of irregularities in the November 3 elections in those states; irregularities that the courts refused to hear. Election laws were changed just prior to the election by parties not allowed to do so by the U.S. constitution. The courts refused to hear the challenges, not due to a lack of evidence, but due to standing or procedure. They refused to allow the evidence to be presented.



Republican governors and legislatures must act to strengthen election laws in their states or face another debacle next time.


Stan Boden