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Hair Razing

Posted 2/26/2015 in Book Reviews

In Plucked: A History of Hair Removal (New York University Press), Rebecca M. Herzig covers a topic no one else will.

He Lost It at the Movies

Posted 2/17/2015 in Book Reviews

Patton Oswalt's Silver Screen Fiend: Learning about Life from an Addiction to Film (Scribner) tells a comic story from a real addict.

Bugs Put Us in Our Place

Posted 2/11/2015 in Book Reviews

In Planet of the Bugs: Evolution and the Rise of Insects (University of Chicago Press), entomologist Scott Richard Shaw shows we undervalue insects.

A Knightly Life, Not Legend

Posted 2/3/2015 in Book Reviews

The Greatest Knight: The Remarkable Life of William Marshal, the Power Behind Five English Thrones (Ecco) tells of real knightly bravery.

Strange Sex, Familiar Sex

Posted 1/29/2015 in Book Reviews

Sex on Earth: A Celebration of Animal Reproduction (Bloomsbury Sigma) by Jules Howard is a review of how those others do it.

A Grand Scientific Achievement

Posted 1/22/2015 in Book Reviews

Earth's Deep History: How It Was Discovered and Why It Matters (University of Chicago Press) by Martin J. S. Rudwick gives the scientific history of geochronology.

Richard III, Freed from the Parking Lot

Posted 1/13/2015 in Book Reviews

Digging for Richard III: The Search for the Lost King (Thames and Hudson) by Mike Pitts details an archaeological miracle.

Fighting for Religious Freedom for Fighters

Posted 1/10/2015 in Book Reviews

Bonnie Weinstein in To the Far Right Christian Hater (Rare Bird Books) gives examples of religious hatred directed toward making the military more Christian.

Citizens Opposing Nazi Tyranny

Posted 1/6/2015 in Book Reviews

Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France (HarperCollins) by Caroline Moorehead informs and inspires.


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