A note from the sports editor ahead of college football season


Garrick Hodge



In the last two weeks, college football has returned to television screens on Saturdays.


This weekend, the Southeastern Conference is finally kicking off its football slate.


Mississippi State will travel to Baton Rouge to face off against defending national champion LSU, Ole Miss will host Florida and Alabama will travel to Missouri for a bout with the Tigers.



Of course, this is a welcome sight, but between us friends, I was unsure that we'd ever make it to this point. Nevertheless, it seems the moment is here, so I thought I'd use this space to update the readers of The Golden Triangle about what The Dispatch's coverage plans are for Sunday papers throughout the fall.


As always, we will continue to bring you Mississippi State football coverage each and every Saturday online and in print Sunday. Dispatch MSU reporter Ben Portnoy will continue to write captivating game stories and sidebars, while I will file an instant reaction titled Bulldog Bullets immediately after the final gun and file a postgame column in the following hours. We feel confident that you will be in great hands with MSU coverage. As always, prep football results from Friday night will also be included.


Of course, while we know MSU fans make up a good portion of the Golden Triangle, not every Dispatch reader roots for the Bulldogs. Alabama and Ole Miss fans make up a good chunk of our readership, which leads me to deliver some less than ideal news for that demographic, but followed by news I hope you'll find reassuring.


The Dispatch has not been immune to changes forced by the global pandemic, with the most notable being our press time for Sunday papers fluctuating to accommodate when MSU plays. Because we have invested ample resources into covering the Bulldogs, including having a dedicated beat reporter for MSU athletics, we are determined to ensure the breadth of our MSU coverage appears in every Sunday paper.


We understand that may mean we go to press before Alabama or Ole Miss finish playing. That unfortunately means those gamers won't run in the Sunday paper, but bear with us.


If for whatever reason, MSU kicks off at an earlier time than say, Alabama, which will be the case this Saturday, the results will still be printed in the Dispatch, it just may have to wait a day later than usual to ensure we meet our print deadline. The same goes for Ole Miss, although the Rebels have an earlier kickoff than MSU this week so getting them into Sunday's paper shouldn't be a problem.


I'm hopeful the SEC can execute a safe and complete football season, and that we can continue to bring you the latest updates.





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