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Ben's burning questions: Who Mississippi State could add to its schedule, a September Egg Bowl and more

Posted 8/2/2020 in Local Columns

With college football's day of reckoning coming, let's catch up on the past week.

Ben's burning questions: Making sense of the football scheduling mess

Posted 7/26/2020 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- And so another week of postponements, new scheduling models and, ultimately, few decisions actually being made has come to pass.

Ben's burning questions: Booze, basketball and the NFL Draft

Posted 7/19/2020 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- And so another week of quarantine has come and gone.

Ben's burning questions: What to make of this week's college football news and more

Posted 7/12/2020 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began its rampant run across our shores, college football seems to be in legitimate danger of not being played this fall.

Garrick Hodge: Leach makes good first impression

Posted 1/10/2020 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- Every newly hired football coach "wins" their first press conference.

Garrick Hodge: 36 days after Egg Bowl win, Moorhead told by MSU to pound sand and kick rocks

Posted 1/3/2020 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- Joe Moorhead thought it was his moment of triumph.

Garrick Hodge: Joe Moorhead rumors swirl amid Egg Bowl win

Posted 11/29/2019 in Local Columns

Before Ole Miss and Mississippi State even kicked off, social media ran rampant with speculation Moorhead would be fired from MSU, win or lose, and the school would anoint Louisiana's Billy Napier as the new coach later in the weekend. The validity of those rumors seems very much in question.

Garrick Hodge: Abilene Christian goes down, but c'mon, it's all about the Egg Bowl

Posted 11/23/2019 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- In case you slept through Mississippi State's snoozefest of a 45-7 win against FCS opponent Abilene Christian, here's a quick recap.

Garrick Hodge: Alabama's rout of Mississippi State wasn't fun for anyone

Posted 11/16/2019 in Local Columns

You know that expression, "It was over from the opening kickoff"? Usually that's figurative, but Saturday, it was literal.

Garrick Hodge: Howland hopes to 'win it all' before hanging it up

Posted 11/3/2019 in Local Columns

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- In the middle of SEC Media Days in mid-October, Mississippi State men's basketball coach Ben Howland just wanted some fresh air.

Garrick Hodge: Bulldogs get some mojo back in win over Razorbacks

Posted 11/2/2019 in Local Columns

Mississippi State's 54-24 thrashing of a hapless Arkansas team Saturday didn't completely erase the stench of a four-game losing streak, but it did give MSU fans plenty of things to feel good about for the first time in about a month.

Bulldog Bullets: MSU delivers another poor road showing in loss to Texas A&M

Posted 10/26/2019 in Local Columns

Saturday did nothing to dispel the narrative Mississippi State is incapable of winning on the road.

Garrick Hodge: Moorhead claims MSU football going in 'the right damn direction' despite third straight loss

Posted 10/19/2019 in Local Columns

STARKVILLE -- It had already been a difficult week for Mississippi State football coach Joe Moorhead.

Garrick Hodge: A behind-the-scenes look at the Mississippi State men's basketball team at SEC Media Days

Posted 10/17/2019 in Local Columns

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Ben Howland, Reggie Perry and Tyson Carter's Wednesdays began with a brisk 25-minute flight from Starkville to Birmingham, Alabama. The Mississippi State men's basketball trio had an appointment.

Garrick Hodge: Loss to Tennessee completely changes MSU season outlook

Posted 10/12/2019 in Local Columns

At the beginning of the Mississippi State football season, the optimistic, yet still seemingly realistic, expectation was eight to nine wins.

Garrick Hodge: Bulldogs deliver worst performance of Joe Moorhead era

Posted 9/28/2019 in Local Columns

AUBURN, Ala. - To fully understand what happened to the Mississippi State football team Saturday, you have to go back to Auburn's first touchdown of the night.

Bulldog Bullets: MSU defense disappears in thrashing by Auburn

Posted 9/28/2019 in Local Columns

AUBURN, Ala. -- There's not a whole lot of positive things to report from Jordan-Hare Stadium from a Mississippi State perspective.

Garrick Hodge: Bulldogs keep feeding Kylin Hill, and he keeps rewarding them

Posted 9/21/2019 in Local Columns

If MSU's offense approaches next week like it did in the first half against Kentucky, Hill might just give the Bulldogs a fighting chance at an upset.


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