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A do-ahead Thanksgiving side: Spiced cranberry chutney

Posted 11/9/2016 in Food

Although Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, some of my American friends and I celebrate it here in London every year.


Anne's Kitchen: An elegant cut ... not just for potatoes

Posted 11/2/2016 in Food

Last week I baked an apple for Terry -- Hasselback style -- and it had so much more appeal than a regular baked apple.

Cooking on deadline? Try chicken with spinach in creamy sauce

Posted 11/2/2016 in Food

A while back, in honor of Julia Child's birthday (she would have been 104 this year), I created a dish that embodies one of her many excellent sayings: "The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook."

A wild rice side dish that complements any meat or fish

Posted 11/2/2016 in Food

We all have our favorite winter dishes and mine is stuffing -- or dressing, technically, since I don't stuff it in a turkey.

Braised cauliflower delivers on savory flavor

Posted 11/2/2016 in Food

Any time capers mingle with anchovies and garlic, I'm happy.

In the kitchen with Devin: This New Hope cook got off to an early start

Posted 10/19/2016 in Food

With Christmas looming on the calendar, Devin Hill, like most 10-year-olds, has given some thought to her wish list.

Some like it hot! Cheesecake, that is. Trust us and try it!

Posted 10/19/2016 in Food

Cheesecake is usually served cold. So brace yourself for something a little different.


Try this Mexican tortilla chicken soup

Posted 10/19/2016 in Food

I find it a source of great comfort that pretty much every culture, every cuisine has its own interpretation of chicken soup.


A fall favorite: Need a caramel fix? Try these easy, quick ways to get it

Posted 10/12/2016 in Food

Autumn brings its own assortment of flavors to the forefront -- comforting tastes, textures and aromas of favorites like cinnamon, bubbling apple desserts, pumpkin, ginger and, of course, caramel.

This frozen bulletproof coffee is creamy without the cream

Posted 10/12/2016 in Food

I love coffee. My standard order is simple: coffee with milk, no sugar.

Grandmother's apple cake signals fall

Posted 10/12/2016 in Food

My grandmother, who lived with us when I was growing up, had a serious sweet tooth and would bake something almost every day.

Ditch the dairy to make the most flavorful, creamy soup

Posted 10/12/2016 in Food

This time of year, with the weather getting colder, I love to serve soup for supper.


Onion cornbread leaves lasting memory

Posted 10/12/2016 in Food

Over the summer, I traveled to Wooster, Ohio, for a barbecue summit at the headquarters of Certified Angus Beef.


Starkville startup aimed at healthy eating blossoms following competition

Posted 10/5/2016 in Food

In a small commercial kitchen on Highway 182 west of Starkville, Amber Peoples spends her Sundays hustling to prepare as many as 250 meals each week, double the number she made a month ago.


Anne's Kitchen: Change of seasons brings on thoughts about Hoppin' John

Posted 10/5/2016 in Food

I want the weather to be cool so badly, and I can't stop thinking about winter food I want to cook such as short ribs slow-cooking in red wine, or some gumbo or dishes made with dried peas.


Earl Grey lemon teacakes offer dessert without much guilt

Posted 10/5/2016 in Food

I love dessert. I also love being healthy.

Mom with a mission: A New Hope mother's baking is about more than just food

Posted 9/28/2016 in Food

Aromas filling Mandy Clark's kitchen Sunday evening were as inviting as any gourmet bakery.


Game day grub can be harmful to pets

Posted 9/28/2016 in Food

Football fare is nearly irresistible for dogs -- especially when sitting at eye-level on the coffee table -- but even cats can grab a piece of the action, says Greg Wiley of Petplan Pet Insurance of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.



Beef, cheese, poblano and beer -- an addictive burger emerges

Posted 9/28/2016 in Food

The ancestor of this recipe was a beloved burger on the menu of a bar where I was a cook back in my college days.


'What's for dinner?' takes on new meaning when the 'family' numbers in the hundreds

Posted 9/21/2016 in Food

Everyone has felt the stress of "what's for dinner?" but Leslie Smith must come up with the answer for 150 to 200 hungry folks every Wednesday, and on several other occasions in any given month.


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