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Turn to crab for a warm and bubbly decadent party pleaser

Posted 8/8/2018 in Food

In its ideal form, crab dip is a warm, decadent party pleaser full of creamy, meaty seafood and savory spices.

It's that time: Lessen the stress of back-to-school

Posted 8/1/2018 in Food

When store displays of beach towels and flip-flops are replaced by three-ring binders and backpacks, change is in the air.

The foolproof way to grill sausages and onions together

Posted 8/1/2018 in Food

Sausage and onions are a classic pairing that sounds tailor-made for the grill.

A streamlined way for making a colorful vegetable casserole

Posted 8/1/2018 in Food

This colorful vegetable casserole has a striking look but a simple approach.

Grill shrimp without drying them out or busting your budget

Posted 8/1/2018 in Food

Shrimp can turn from moist and juicy to rubbery and dry in the blink of an eye over the heat of a grill.

Be cool: Need a cold dish for a hot summer day?

Posted 7/25/2018 in Food

There is a time for steaming bowls of hearty stew and savory chili. This is not it.

Salmon, avocado and grapefruit make a bright dinner salad

Posted 7/25/2018 in Food

Peppery watercress balances the sweetness of the grapefruit and the richness of the avocado and salmon in this light, bright dinner salad.

For an easy, rustic dessert, you really can't beat a cobbler

Posted 7/25/2018 in Food

For an easy, rustic dessert, you really can't beat a cobbler. With a fleet of tender biscuits floating on a sea of sweet fruit, a good cobbler can hold its own against any fancy cake or pastry.

Cooking on deadline: New Bay sweet potato fries

Posted 7/25/2018 in Food

The unmistakable flavor of Old Bay seasoning is the key ingredient in many seafood dishes north, south and west of the Chesapeake Bay, particularly anything to do with crab and crayfish.

Mushroom mojo: A Starkville native makes his food world mark with mushroom jerky

Posted 7/18/2018 in Food

Good fortune just smiled on Michael Pan. Viewers of NBC's TODAY show July 10 saw nutrition and wellness contributor Dave Zinczenko showcase a few of his favorites from among about 200,000 items featured at the recent Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

For a variation on pasta with pesto sauce, use kale instead

Posted 7/18/2018 in Food

Although most people think of pesto as an Italian sauce made with herbs (most famously, basil), many ingredients can be ably featured in a pesto.

Eggs and half-and-half help make fluffy strawberry shortcake

Posted 7/18/2018 in Food

The heart of any great strawberry shortcake is the topping of lightly sugared, juicy, ruby-red strawberries.

Grilling salmon on a wood plank is chic and tastes good

Posted 7/18/2018 in Food

If I have one go-to technique for grilling and smoking fish, it is to use a cedar plank. The plank supports the delicate fish as it cooks and doubles as a serving platter.

Cooking on deadline: Pan-seared fish with tomato basil

Posted 7/18/2018 in Food

It's summer. It's hot. And we still need to make dinner.

Puttin' on the dog: 'Grown up dogs' (and a little history) for National Hot Dog Month

Posted 7/11/2018 in Food

July is National Hot Dog Month, and that sent me digging into the back story of one of America's favorite foods. What an entertaining side trip it was.

A cookie maybe better than a s'more and without the campfire

Posted 7/11/2018 in Food

You don't need a campfire to capture the flavors of s'mores; the combination of wheaty graham crackers, rich chocolate, and sweet, gooey toasted marshmallow is good any time of year.

This gazpacho shines after a sherry vinegar marinade bath

Posted 7/11/2018 in Food

Hand-cut vegetables marinated in seasoned vinegar are the key to this stellar gazpacho.

Cooking on deadline: watermelon strawberry smoothie

Posted 7/11/2018 in Food

Holy mother of summer, it's gotten hot.

Cooking on deadline: Southwestern black bean and corn salad

Posted 7/11/2018 in Food

This is one of those salads that just saves the day over and over again.

Serve grilled Caesar steak salad at a Fourth of July picnic

Posted 6/27/2018 in Food

Let's say you wanted to land a luxurious rib-eye steak at the center of your Fourth of July picnic, but worried about being able to afford it.


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