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A fun kitchen project is home-baked soft pretzels

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

You know pretzels and have probably eaten them in many different forms, but do you know how they're made?

From farm to table: Locally-grown stars in a special night out

Posted 7/12/2017 in Food

Occasionally, a seemingly small happenstance can lead to something quite special. In this case, a chance meeting over a jar of jam helped inspire a fine dining experience many might expect to more often find in New Orleans or Memphis than in the Golden Triangle.

Anne's Kitchen: Market bounty yields summer feasts

Posted 7/5/2017 in Food

On my last visit to the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus I came home with okra, green beans, little potatoes, corn, peaches and delicious tomatoes.

Three melon soup is a summer showstopper

Posted 7/5/2017 in Food

Three Melon Soup, a real showstopper, is as much fun to look at as it is refreshing to eat.

Cooking on deadline: summer berry clafoutis

Posted 7/5/2017 in Food

One of the great, great, great (three times, that's how great it is) pleasures of summer is figuring out what to do with all that fruit that floods the markets.

A Spanish tortilla without all the calories

Posted 7/5/2017 in Food

Growing up in the Southwest, a tortilla was a thin flatbread used to wrap around grilled meat and make tacos.

Better together: Grandmother and granddaughter team up and carry on tradition

Posted 6/28/2017 in Food

Homemade ice cream and summer celebrations go together like fun and family. So with Independence Day around the corner, Fran Brown and her granddaughter, Kate Scott Gee, got in a pre-Fourth ice cream-making practice at Brown's home near the Mississippi University for Women campus.

Serve salmon with pepperoncini lemon sauce on Fourth of July

Posted 6/28/2017 in Food

Throughout New England, the traditional entree of choice for dinner on the Fourth of July was salmon served with a side of peas.

Shrimp salad with spicy orange dressing is tasty summer dish

Posted 6/21/2017 in Food

Summer's here and the time is right for summer salads gussied up with light proteins.

Grilled ratatouille creates lovely summertime char

Posted 6/21/2017 in Food

Ratatouille is a classic vegetable dish starring eggplant, zucchini, peppers and tomato that is deeply steeped in the culture of Mediterranean France.

Anne's Kitchen: Old friends, new memories

Posted 6/21/2017 in Food

Well, the fourth annual retreat for the B-52's is over, and it gets better and better each year.

Cooking on deadline: Flaky fish tacos with vegetable slaw

Posted 6/21/2017 in Food

A good fish taco is in a class by itself.

Good to grill: Father's Day, any day, kebabs suit the occasion

Posted 6/14/2017 in Food

Father's Day is celebrated on various dates in about 40 countries around the world, Wikipedia tells us.

Green beans as the main dish for dinner? Stay with us

Posted 6/14/2017 in Food

Sometimes I just crave a big serving of green beans. You too, right?

Two and done: Look what you can make with just two ingredients

Posted 6/7/2017 in Food

A few days ago I was in a conversation about recipes with a couple of friends. We all probably know the feeling of staring at a new recipe that calls for a long list of this and that, most of which our kitchens are missing.

Here are side salads that play nicely with grilled food

Posted 6/7/2017 in Food

Mother's Day has really co-opted brunch (we get it -- mimosas), but dads deserve their special thing, too. Luckily, Father's Day falls right in summer's sweet spot, just in time for June's inaugural grilling.

Suited to summer: An area chef serves up market fresh ideas

Posted 5/31/2017 in Food

So long to the month of May. Hello, summer, with long days of beaming sun, outdoor grilling and our somewhat morbid fascination with heat indices.


Anne's Kitchen: Staycation cooking

Posted 5/31/2017 in Food

Here's to more four-day weekends! Even in retirement, a long weekend feels like a vacation.



Salmon on the grill gets tasty with miso and lime juice

Posted 5/31/2017 in Food

Salmon season has arrived, and the markets are brimming with gorgeous wild varieties like King Salmon and Coho, which are perfect for grilling, poaching or even simply cooking in a lightly-oiled pan.



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