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Being Beautiful: Beauty advice from Grandma and the Pretty Woman

Posted 6/27/2015 in Columns

Our grandmothers gave us sage advice on most everything under the sun, but perhaps we should have listened more intently when they were passing out beauty tips -- mayonnaise, milk, beer. Well, I declare.


Southern Gardening: Tour explores Gary's landscape and garden

Posted 6/27/2015 in Columns

Most gardeners have favorite landscape plants they use every year, and I'm no different.


A Stone's Throw: Indian ceremony

Posted 6/20/2015 in Columns

Wrapping myself in the thick hotel bathrobe and clutching my cup of hot coffee, I ventured out onto the balcony in the chilly Colorado air.



Being Beautiful: Celebrating the love of man's best friend on Father's Day

Posted 6/20/2015 in Columns

Stella Poodle is a pretty girl. She turns heads on the street well into her golden years, the classiest aging brunette since Sophia Loren.


Southern Gardening: Colorful vincas thrive in summer landscapes

Posted 6/20/2015 in Columns

Our gardens and landscapes are heating up, and for hot summer color, you just can't beat the annual vinca.


Being Beautiful: The right tools for the job

Posted 6/13/2015 in Columns

If you ask me what's hot this season, I might tell you a smoking haircut or equally sizzling color, but I also want to share some of the hottest styling tools. They aren't all the same in quality or function.


Southern Gardening: Elephant ears create a tropical paradise

Posted 6/13/2015 in Columns

Tropical plants, like elephant ears, just scream for attention and attract interest in any landscape.

Here comes the sun: Veggie care in the Golden Triangle

Posted 6/13/2015 in Columns

Ninety degree temperatures and 10 mile per hour winds increase water use by most vegetables.


A Stone's Throw: In bolder Boulder

Posted 6/6/2015 in Columns

The couple stood serenely hand-in-hand on the brow of the mountain, the warm, early summer sun lighting their faces with a golden glow.



Being Beautiful: Tips for sweltering stylishly

Posted 5/30/2015 in Columns

It's so hot that my hydrangeas are fainting, and it's hardly even summer yet.


Southern Gardening: Foxgloves provide dramatic impacts

Posted 5/30/2015 in Columns

Foxglove can create a dramatic effect with its tall spires of flowers but is an underused plant in Mississippi, especially in the southern counties.


Being Beautiful: Leave something to the imagination ...

Posted 5/23/2015 in Columns

Why does everybody have to be naked these days, well, figuratively speaking?


Southern Gardening: Angelonia varieties handle Mississippi heat, humidity

Posted 5/23/2015 in Columns

Many seasoned gardeners, myself included, consider Angelonia one of the best plants for the hot summer garden.


Being Beautiful: Guys and dolls

Posted 5/16/2015 in Columns

Dolls have always been an object of my affection.


Southern Gardening: Plant flowering vines now for great show next spring

Posted 5/16/2015 in Columns

If you're looking for something for your landscape that you've never tried, may I suggest flowering vines.


If I may: Other mothers

Posted 5/9/2015 in Columns

My life has been richer for other mothers -- women whose lifelines crossed mine at an early age.



Being Beautiful: How to leave the salon with a smile on your face

Posted 5/9/2015 in Columns

With thousands of stylists chiseling, combing and coiffing the locks of ladies from the small town beauty parlors to the swankiest of "citified" salons, I ask myself the same question that lots of first-time clients ask me.



A Stone's Throw: A season of weddings

Posted 5/9/2015 in Columns

The Bible says there is a time for everything.


Southern Gardening: Be creative, persistent in tough garden areas

Posted 5/9/2015 in Columns

If there's one area in almost everyone's landscape that causes a lot of problems, it's that area between the sidewalk and the street.


Being Beautiful: And that's the gospel truth

Posted 5/3/2015 in Columns

I have always drawn strength from old Southern gospel hymns.



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