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A stone's throw: The Princess of Columbus

Posted 9/1/2012 in Columns

What if you had a diamond so big you could neither wear nor insure it? Or what if you had a mansion so massive you could not live in it? Or what if you possessed that fabled, precious white elephant? You might feel the frustration some Columbians feel about the Princess Theater.



Musings on Isaac and Sophia Shih-Tzu

Posted 9/1/2012 in Columns

It's in the middle of the heavy rains and strong winds of Hurricane Isaac that I write this column with one hand on my worrisome Shih-Tzu Sophia, the other on the keyboard -- "worrisome" not that she worries me, but that she worries about the weather more than most people I know.



{Nourish} A meal on toast: Build a better sandwich

Posted 9/1/2012 in Columns

Even though I really do love to cook, I sometimes get burnout from being in the kitchen every night. Every once in a while I just need a few days, or even a couple of weeks, off.




Posted 9/1/2012 in Columns

I have been making baby steps into several non-traditional ways of thinking. These may be considered unorthodox in Western thought, but are well accepted in many other parts of the world.



Dealing with reality

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columns

When did we become a nation of voyeurs? It seems that every television show and every headline is about prying into someone else's private lives.



The balance of food, fitness and fun

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columns

Confession: Despite having much success with my weight loss thus far and being closer than ever to my goal, my worst fear in this journey is gaining all of that weight back after working so hard to lose it.



From Manhattan to Mississippi: Trends for Fall

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columns

"I Heart NYC," just like the T-shirts and bumper stickers say. The pulse of Times Square still makes my heart beat fast, even skip a beat after all these years, and with each trip to New York City, I fall in love all over again with the bright lights of the big city.



The poker house

Posted 8/18/2012 in Columns

Rachel George is busy moving into her new-old house in Columbus. That is not especially newsworthy; people move every day. But there is a neat little twist to this particular story. She is moving into a house one of her ancestors once owned after winning it in a poker game.


Skinny sweet tooth satisfied

Posted 8/18/2012 in Columns

I consider myself pretty lucky in the fact that I don't have an all-consuming sweet tooth. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have my vices when it comes to cravings -- sugar just isn't at the top of my list. Every now and then in the summer I'll have a craving for ice cream and, of course, I'll eat whatever dessert is served at parties or get-togethers. Not because I particularly want it but mainly because I'll eat pretty much anything you put in front of my face.


Scientific investigation

Posted 8/18/2012 in Columns

Since the beginning of time, man has pondered some profound, possibly unanswerable, questions. Even today, in the 21st century, there are inquiries so baffling that they remain a mystery. One example is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or, have you ever wondered why humans continue to stare into the refrigerator, even though the contents do not magically evolve into something different? And, of course, there is the age-old query, do blondes really have more fun?



If age is a number, I pick 21

Posted 8/11/2012 in Columns

If age is just a number, why the heck are we so obsessed with reversing it? I have never heard a woman in her 30s wish to be older, wiser maybe, but not older. Yet, beautiful women who are both wiser and older often sigh into the mirror, tugging on fine lines and wrinkles while I tug on their hair with a round brush.



Habit: the key to lasting change

Posted 8/11/2012 in Columns

Change is difficult, although not impossible. Breaking a bad habit and replacing it with a new healthy habit takes a pretty serious commitment and lots of dedication. Whether it's a desire to quit smoking, eat healthy, or exercise daily, implementing a new routine can be daunting, all-consuming, and exhausting.




Posted 8/11/2012 in Columns

The heart is an abiding organ. It can expand to hold love in all forms. It can endure bruises and damage. It can crackle like shattered glass and keep beating in the human chest. This column is dedicated to anyone who has ever loved an animal and who has lost one so deeply loved.



Layers for Farrah, Jennifer and you?

Posted 8/4/2012 in Columns

Layering might sound like something we Southerners do around tailgating time -- perhaps a cardigan worn over a collegiate polo finished off with a "say something" scarf. Lord, have mercy. It's too hot for those kinds of layers right now!



Fun play and jolly story

Posted 8/4/2012 in Columns

Two things: Last Sunday I attended what was intended to be the final performance of the Columbus Community Theatre's comedy, "Casserole Patrol," directed by Linda Bobbitt. Since all performances had been sold out, there will be an additional performance Friday, Aug. 10, at 7:30 p.m. in the Omnova Theater at the Rosenzweig Arts Center.


Southern "fried"

Posted 8/4/2012 in Columns

The South" (the saúth), noun. The place where: Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter. Summer starts in April.

Skinny summer cocktails

Posted 7/28/2012 in Columns

Tis the season of umbrella drinks. Whether you're enjoying a piña colada at the beach, sangria at a backyard barbecue, a margarita poolside, or just an ice cold beer at the river this summer, you can still keep your bikini body in check and enjoy the occasional cocktail.


Of fainting hydrangeas and cucumber moisturizers

Posted 7/28/2012 in Columns

It's so hot that my hydrangeas are fainting in the backyard. The town seems almost vacant between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. every day. It looks like a ghost town, and I'm convinced everyone has just melted. Perhaps the smart ones are at the beach, the pool, or in Alaska.



Possumhaw: Living off the grid

Posted 7/23/2012 in Columns

You've probably been waiting to see what the Lehman's Non-Electric catalog, mentioned in my last column, has to offer.



A mascot for MSCW

Posted 7/21/2012 in Columns

Several people have commented on Eugenia Summer's story about getting a jukebox at Mississippi State College for Women. They are usually people who remember attending the college in those years, as I do. I thought, well, I, too, have a W story; and maybe I ought to tell it, although it does not reflect very well on me.



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