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Sen. Hyde-Smith raises more than challengers in Mississippi race

Posted 7/25/2018 in State

An appointed U.S. senator in Mississippi is raising more money so far than her challengers in a special election, backed by contributions from colleagues including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.



Mississippi lawmaker seeks investigation of prison escape

Posted 7/24/2018 in State

A Mississippi lawmaker is asking the attorney general's office to investigate the recent prison escape of a convicted murderer, saying there was a two-hour delay in notifying the public that put people in harm's way.



Mississippi reports second West Nile virus case in 2018

Posted 7/24/2018 in State

The Mississippi State Department of Health is confirming the state's second 2018 case of West Nile virus.



Analysis: Gambling not a clear-cut state budget booster

Posted 7/23/2018 in State

Will Mississippi take a chance on a lottery? It's a big question lawmakers could answer if Republican Gov. Phil Bryant calls them into special session in the next few weeks.



Hood: 'Net' around info about road proposed near Reeves home

Posted 7/21/2018 in State

The Mississippi attorney general said Thursday that he might ask the state auditor or another independent investigator to look at records about a $2 million state road that was proposed near the lieutenant governor's home.



Civil rights legend Meredith says he's on a mission from God

Posted 7/21/2018 in State

James Meredith is a civil rights legend who resists neatly defined narratives.


State panel recommends takeover of Noxubee schools

Posted 7/19/2018 in State

With leaders of an eastern Mississippi school district themselves admitting they won't be able to pay their bills by August, the state took the first step Wednesday toward taking the schools over.


Hood investigates road project near Reeves' subdivision

Posted 7/19/2018 in State

The Mississippi attorney general said Wednesday he's investigating a $2 million road that was planned to connect a suburban Jackson shopping center to two gated neighborhoods, including one where the lieutenant governor lives.



Mississippi publisher gives ride to stranger who turns out to be escapee

Posted 7/19/2018 in State

The publisher of a weekly newspaper in south Mississippi says he unwittingly gave a car ride to a convicted murderer who had just escaped from a state prison near his home.



Missouri appeal could delay Mississippi death penalty case

Posted 7/19/2018 in State

A Missouri appeal over whether lethal injection would violate the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment could delay a Mississippi case over similar issues.



Shad White takes oath as new state auditor in Mississippi

Posted 7/18/2018 in State

Republican Shad White was sworn in Tuesday as Mississippi's new state auditor, and in a brief speech he pledged to protect taxpayers' money.



Analysis: Even modest revenue growth good news for lawmakers

Posted 7/16/2018 in State

End-of-the year revenue collections suggest Mississippi's lawmakers could have a little extra money to spend when they return for their election-year session in January 2019.



Court to hear appeal in dismissal of police shooting lawsuit

Posted 7/16/2018 in State

An appeals court will hear arguments in September as a Mississippi family tries to revive a $35 million wrongful death lawsuit over a police shooting.



Mississippi updating voter registration deadline for runoffs

Posted 7/14/2018 in State

Mississippi is updating a voter registration deadline to meet a requirement of a 1993 federal law, giving people a bit more time to register so they can vote in runoff elections for federal offices.



Higher education commissioner plans 13-stop listening tour

Posted 7/14/2018 in State

Mississippi's new commissioner of higher education plans a listening tour to meet with students, faculty, staff and others.



Hyde-Smith collects $1.6M; McDaniel unveils list of policies

Posted 7/14/2018 in State

The same day an appointed U.S. senator in Mississippi said she has raised more than $1.6 million in campaign cash, one of her opponents released a list of policy positions.



Families meet in Mississippi a year after 16 died in crash

Posted 7/13/2018 in State

A year after a U.S. Marine Corps plane broke into pieces high in the sky and slammed into a Mississippi soybean field, relatives and friends are keeping alive the memories of the 15 Marines and Navy corpsman who died in the crash.



Mississippi reports first West Nile virus case in 2018

Posted 7/13/2018 in State

The Mississippi State Department of Health is confirming the state's first 2018 case of West Nile virus.



Reeves says he's not to blame for planned road near his home

Posted 7/12/2018 in State

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said Wednesday that he did not pressure the Mississippi Department of Transportation to build a $2 million road near his gated neighborhood.



Tupelo sheet metal fabricator adds 10 jobs in $3M expansion

Posted 7/12/2018 in State

A sheet-metal fabricator is expanding in northeast Mississippi.



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