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Business brief: Carl Hogan Automotive donates

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business



Building permits 3-3-16

Posted 3/3/2016 in Business



Apple, FBI stake out conflicting positions before Congress

Posted 3/2/2016 in Business

The U.S. government calls it a "vicious guard dog" that hurts national security. Apple says it's critical to protecting consumer privacy against increasingly sophisticated hackers.



CEO Tim Cook defends Apple's resistance in FBI iPhone case

Posted 2/27/2016 in Business

Apple CEO Tim Cook got a standing ovation Friday at his first stockholder meeting since his company's epic clash with the FBI unfolded.



UCLA: Movies make more money when half the cast is white

Posted 2/26/2016 in Business

Movies make more money when exactly half their casts are non-white, according to an annual analysis released Thursday that shows an increasing demand for diversity in film.



From Western Union to Apple: When tech battled government

Posted 2/26/2016 in Business

The fight between Apple and the FBI over access to a San Bernardino killer's iPhone isn't the first time industry and government have tangled over privacy and security.


Browning on Business: New gym, Post Office in Golden Triangle

Posted 2/25/2016 in Business

Starkville Fitness Kickboxing opened last month.


Marriages and divorces 2-25-16

Posted 2/25/2016 in Business



Building permits 2-25-16

Posted 2/25/2016 in Business



Feds want proof for ACA exchange special enrollment windows

Posted 2/25/2016 in Business

The federal government is tightening loopholes that let customers on the Affordable Care Act's public insurance exchanges buy coverage outside the law's annual enrollment window.



Lockdown: Apple could make it even tougher to hack Phones

Posted 2/25/2016 in Business

Suppose the FBI wins its court battle and forces Apple to help unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers. That could open all iPhones up to potential government scrutiny -- but it's not the end of the story.



Scientists find cause of Takata air bag explosions

Posted 2/24/2016 in Business

Scientists hired by the auto industry have determined that multiple factors -- including moisture and high humidity -- can cause some Takata air bags to inflate with too much force and hurl shrapnel at drivers and passengers.



Some victims in terror attack support efforts to hack iPhone

Posted 2/23/2016 in Business

Some family members of victims and survivors of the San Bernardino terror attack will file court papers in support of a judge's order that Apple Inc. help the FBI hack into a locked iPhone as part of the terrorism investigation, a lawyer and others said Monday.



Uber defends safety procedures after shootings

Posted 2/23/2016 in Business

Uber is once again facing tough questions about safety after one of its drivers was charged with murder.


Browning on Business: Longtime Columbus retailer closing

Posted 2/18/2016 in Business

A locally-owned Columbus business is closing after being open for nearly three decades.


Marriages and divorces 2-18-16

Posted 2/18/2016 in Business



Building permits 2-18-16

Posted 2/18/2016 in Business



Apple resisting magistrate order to share iPhone info

Posted 2/17/2016 in Business

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook says his company will fight a federal magistrate's order to hack its users in connection with the investigation of the San Bernardino, California shootings, asserting that would undermine encryption by creating a backdoor that could potentially be used on other future devices.



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