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Texas governor's school safety talks to tackle gun control

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's meetings on school violence and safety promised to wade into the thorny issue of gun control with the next round, even though the Republican has been a staunch supporter of gun rights and worked to expand them in the state in recent years.



Texas school shooting suspect's father thinks he was bullied

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

A 17-year-old student accused of fatally shooting 10 people at a Texas high school should be seen as a "victim" because he may have recently been bullied, causing him to lash out, his father said.



Democrats nominate first woman as GOP race heads to runoff

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

In Georgia's gubernatorial primary, Democrats elected a woman who could become the first black female governor in American history, but no Republican candidate gathered more than 50 percent of the vote -- so the top two face a July runoff.



Cohen partner pleads guilty in deal requiring cooperation

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

A longtime business partner of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, whose business dealings are being scrutinized by federal prosecutors, pleaded guilty on Tuesday in a state tax fraud case that requires him to cooperate in any ongoing investigation, according to a person briefed on the deal.



Congress moves to dismantle key post-crisis bank rules

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Congress moved Tuesday to dismantle a chunk of the rules framework for banks, installed to prevent a recurrence of the 2008 financial crisis that brought millions of lost jobs and foreclosed homes.



Tropical disturbance near Gulf of Mexico could develop into depression

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Hurricane forecasters say a tropical disturbance nearing the Gulf of Mexico has a 40 percent chance of developing into at least a tropical depression this week.



Alabama doctor acquitted in rock guitarist's overdose death

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Jurors acquitted an Alabama physician accused of prescribing drugs that killed a former guitarist for rock band 3 Doors Down.



Fresh ways to save some green at the farmers market

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

The difference between the produce at farmers markets and supermarkets is more than "tomayto" versus "tomahto."



Mass school shootings mostly happening in small-town America

Posted yesterday in National

If you want to know where mass school shootings are most likely to occur, look no farther than small-town and suburban America.



US, China putting trade war on hold after progress in talks

Posted yesterday in National

The United States and China are pulling back from the brink of a trade war after the world's two biggest economies reported progress in talks aimed at bringing down America's massive trade deficit with Beijing.



School shooting unlikely to bring gun restrictions in Texas

Posted yesterday in National

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed to address school violence and safety in the wake of another mass school shooting.



Trump wades deeper into abortion politics as midterms loom

Posted yesterday in National

President Donald Trump has long been an unlikely sweetheart for conservative and evangelical voters.



Trump discusses immigration agenda with GOP governors

Posted yesterday in National

President Donald Trump dined Monday evening with Republican governors supportive of his immigration policies to discuss plans for border security and deporting people in the U.S. illegally.



AP: McDonald's workers file sex harassment claims

Posted yesterday in National

Energized by the #MeToo movement, two national advocacy groups are teaming up to lodge sexual harassment complaints against McDonald's on behalf of 10 women who have worked at the fast food restaurant in nine cities.



Congressional leaders to review information on Russia probe

Posted yesterday in National

Ratcheting up pressure on the Russia investigation, the White House announced that top FBI and Justice Department officials have agreed to meet with congressional leaders and "review" highly classified information the lawmakers have been seeking on the handling of the probe.



Conservative revolt over immigration sinks House farm bill

Posted 5/19/2018 in National

House Republican leaders suffered an embarrassing setback Friday when conservatives scuttled an ambitious farm bill, part of a high-stakes power play as they once again exert their oversized sway in the House.



Parkland students on Texas: 'They're part of this now'

Posted 5/19/2018 in National

Survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, are expressing outrage and heartbreak after authorities said a student killed 10 people Friday at a high school in Texas.



Texas shooting suspect exchanged 'a lot' of fire with police

Posted 5/19/2018 in National

The suspect accused of attacking a Texas high school exchanged "a lot of firepower" with authorities before he surrendered, a top county official said Saturday, a day after the shooting in an art classroom that killed 10 people.



He just wanted a burger: Civil rights pioneer made history

Posted 5/19/2018 in National

Bruce Boynton is a civil rights pioneer most people have never heard of.



1 dead, 1 hurt in shooting after Georgia graduation

Posted 5/19/2018 in National

A school official in Georgia expressed both remorse and pride Saturday in the aftermath of a deadly shooting that followed a graduation ceremony.



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