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After years of dejection, proponents of gun laws see hope

Posted 2/24/2018 in National

The progression has become numbingly repetitive -- mass bloodshed unleashed by a gunman, followed by the stories of the fallen, the funerals, the mourning, the talking heads and the calls for change that dwindle into nothingness.



Ex-Trump aide pleads guilty, will cooperate in Russia probe

Posted 2/24/2018 in National

Rick Gates' guilty plea to federal conspiracy and false-statements charges turns him from defendant to cooperating witness in the special counsel's probe of President Donald Trump's election campaign and Russia's interference.



Shooting survivors endure new assault -- from online trolls

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

One student was teased about being a "brown, bald lesbian." Another was the target of conspiracy theorists who claimed he was really an actor. When a group of teens posed for a photo, they were accused of lapping up attention from the news cameras and "partying like rock stars."



NRA accuses gun-control advocates of exploiting Florida shooting

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

Leaders of the National Rifle Association on Thursday accused gun control advocates of exploiting the deadly Florida school shooting, striking a defiant tone amid a renewed debate over guns and school safety.



Trump bucks NRA, backs raising age for buying assault rifles

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

The nation should keep assault rifles out of the hands of anyone under 21, President Donald Trump says, defying his loyal supporters in the National Rifle Association amid America's public reckoning over gun violence.



Florida school shooting: 'abject breakdown at all levels'

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

The Florida high school where a former student shot and killed 17 people with an assault-type rifle is reopening for teachers Friday as the community grappled with word that the armed officer on campus did nothing to stop the shooter.



US may never see another spiritual leader like Billy Graham

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

In the wake of the Rev. Billy Graham's death, religion scholars say this much is clear: There will never be another American spiritual leader with his reach and influence.



Billy Graham will lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

The Rev. Billy Graham's body will lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda next week, the first time a private citizen has been accorded such recognition since civil rights hero Rosa Parks in 2005.



AP sources: Adelson offers to help pay for Jerusalem embassy

Posted 2/23/2018 in National

The Trump administration is considering an offer from Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson to pay for at least part of a new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, four U.S. officials told The Associated Press.



Oversight committee wants to look at Pruitt's travel records

Posted 2/22/2018 in National

A Republican-led congressional committee is demanding records related to premium-class flights taken by Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt.



Opioids dangers force police to abandon drug field tests

Posted 2/22/2018 in National

Police who find suspected drugs during a traffic stop or an arrest usually pause to perform a simple task: They place some of the material in a vial filled with liquid. If the liquid turns a certain color, it's supposed to confirm the presence of cocaine, heroin or other narcotics.



Beyond 'Obamacare': New liberal plan on health care overhaul

Posted 2/22/2018 in National

A major liberal policy group is raising the ante on the health care debate with a new plan that builds on Medicare to guarantee coverage for all.



Evangelist Billy Graham, who reached millions, dies at 99

Posted 2/21/2018 in National

The Rev. Billy Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, died Wednesday. He was 99.



Trump urges ban on gun devices like bump stocks

Posted 2/21/2018 in National

As a grieving Florida community demanded action on guns, President Donald Trump on Tuesday directed the Justice Department to move to ban devices like the rapid-fire bump stocks used in last year's Las Vegas massacre.



School shooting videos could scar kids -- or galvanize them

Posted 2/21/2018 in National

When two teenagers slaughtered 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School in Colorado 19 years ago, young people across the country learned the news the old-fashioned way: largely on television and in newspapers. It took days, if not weeks, to process the information and discover the full, horrific story.



Trump endorses Romney's Senate bid -- and Romney accepts

Posted 2/21/2018 in National

President Donald Trump is endorsing Mitt Romney in Utah's Senate race, another sign that the two Republicans are burying the hatchet after a fraught relationship.



Students head to Florida capital to press for gun law change

Posted 2/20/2018 in National

A hundred Stoneman Douglas High School students are busing 400 miles to Florida's capital Tuesday to urge lawmakers to act to prevent a repeat of the massacre that killed 17 students and faculty last week.



Trump offers support for background checks on gun buys

Posted 2/20/2018 in National

From the confines of his golf club, President Donald Trump offered support for a limited strengthening of federal background checks on gun purchases Monday while staying largely mum in the last few days about the victims of the Florida school massacre and the escalating debate about controls on weapons.



Few states let courts take guns from people deemed a threat

Posted 2/20/2018 in National

The warnings around Nikolas Cruz seemed to flash like neon signs: expelled from school, fighting with classmates, a fascination with weapons and hurting animals, disturbing images and comments posted to social media, previous mental health treatment.



Inmate in landmark Supreme Court case denied parole

Posted 2/20/2018 in National

A 71-year-old Louisiana inmate whose case led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on juvenile-offender sentences was denied parole Monday, more than a half-century after he killed a sheriff's deputy at age 17.



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