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Tightest security ever for New Year's after deadly attacks

Posted 12/29/2017 in National

Police are promising a bigger security detail than ever before in Times Square for this year's New Year's Eve celebration, which will cap off a year that saw a number of deadly attacks on innocent crowds, including a vehicle rampage at the very spot where revelers will ring in 2018.



Singer files sex assault complaint against former Trump aide

Posted 12/29/2017 in National

A singer and potential congressional candidate says she has filed a sexual assault complaint against President Donald Trump's former campaign manager for hitting her twice on her buttocks during a Washington gathering in November.



In the heart of Trump Country, his base's faith is unshaken

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

The regulars amble in before dawn and claim their usual table, the one next to an old box television playing the news on mute.



Historic White House magnolia cut back for safety reasons

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

A different kind of tree-trimming took place at the White House on Wednesday when part of a historic magnolia on the south grounds was shorn off because it had become a safety risk, a spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump said.



Stocks mount milestone-shattering run in 2017

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

Taken a look at your stock portfolio lately? It's a good bet it's racked up solid gains this year.



China: US should curb demand for opioids, not blame China

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

The United States should look within to cut down demand for opioids which are fueling its deadly drug crisis rather than stressing unsubstantiated claims that China is the major source of these chemicals, a top Chinese drug enforcement official said Thursday.



Israel minister plans Trump train station at Western Wall

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

Israel's transportation minister is pushing ahead with a plan to dig a railway tunnel under Jerusalem's Old City, passing near sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims -- and ending at the Western Wall with a station named after President Donald Trump.



Trump, GOP congressional leaders to meet at Camp David

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

Eager for more legislative achievements before Washington's focus shifts to the midterm elections, President Donald Trump plans to open the new year by meeting with Republican congressional leaders to map out the 2018 legislative agenda, the White House said.



Heightened security in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve

Posted 12/28/2017 in National

An unprecedented number of law enforcement officers and National Guard members will be on duty when tens of thousands of people gather to ring in 2018 on the Las Vegas Boulevard, just three months after one of the world's most famous roadways became associated with the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.



Mississippi lawmakers could debate creation of a lottery

Posted 12/27/2017 in National

Mississippi residents for years have been crossing into Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee to buy lottery tickets.



Tax overhaul leads to end-of-year rush to pay property bills

Posted 12/23/2017 in National

In a season of sales, homeowners in affluent towns across the country are rushing to take advantage of a deal that they hope will save them big.



Trump signs, lauds tax overhaul, off to Florida for holidays

Posted 12/23/2017 in National

President Donald Trump signed the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul into law Friday, using his last moments in the White House before flying to Florida for the holidays to celebrate a much-needed political win.



Jobless rates fell in 24 US states, record lows in 5

Posted 12/23/2017 in National

Unemployment rates dropped to record lows in Alabama, California, Hawaii, Mississippi and Texas in November.



Alabama to officially end its scandal-tinged US Senate race

Posted 12/23/2017 in National

Alabama election officials say they will certify Democratic candidate Doug Jones' upset victory over Republican rival Roy Moore next week.



The GOP fights for its own voters to stop the next Roy Moore

Posted 12/23/2017 in National

Republicans who hope their Senate disaster in Alabama will scare voters away from other outsider, longshot conservatives should spend some time with Michele Evans.



Triumphant Trump celebrates tax win -- but some fear backlash

Posted 12/21/2017 in National

A triumphant President Donald Trump and jubilant fellow Republicans celebrated the passage of their $1.5 trillion tax overhaul Wednesday as a "historic victory for the American people." The American people, however, will need some convincing.



Will tax plan turn cash-hoarding companies into spenders?

Posted 12/21/2017 in National

Big U.S. companies have been piling up cash for years, but have spent little of it on buying equipment and raising wages and other things to grow the economy.



Lawmakers hoping to approve a must-pass spending bill

Posted 12/21/2017 in National

Lawmakers hope to approve a must-pass spending bill on Thursday as the clock ticks toward potential government shutdown this weekend.



GOP set to roll $1.5T final tax bill through House, Senate

Posted 12/19/2017 in National

Their long-sought political goal within grasp, Republicans in Congress are set to catapult sweeping $1.5 trillion tax legislation through the House, rolling over a dozen GOP defectors from high-tax states.



Smiley claims PBS made mistake in ouster, but PBS fires back

Posted 12/19/2017 in National

Tavis Smiley has defended himself from allegations he had sexual relationships with subordinates and created an abusive workplace environment, denying any wrongdoing and saying PBS made a mistake by suspending him from his talk show.



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