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Police: 6 shot, 1 fatally, after peace rally in Alabama

Posted 9/12/2016 in National

Police in Alabama say six people were shot, one fatally, about an hour after a peace rally at a public housing community.



Why it matters: Child care and pay equity

Posted 9/12/2016 in National

THE ISSUE: In much of the U.S., families spend more on child care for two kids than on housing.



Clinton: Trump's anti-IS strength is 'phony'

Posted 9/12/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton is urging people who like the sound of Donald Trump's boasts about defeating the Islamic State group to consider the difference between "real strength" and "phony strength."



Pneumonia diagnosis fuels questions about Clinton's health

Posted 9/12/2016 in National

For weeks, Hillary Clinton dismissed questions about her health as little more than a conspiracy theory, part of a "wacky strategy" cooked up by rival Donald Trump as he embraced an "alternative reality."



Remembering 9/11: Journey to Manhattan reveals 'world is gone'

Posted 9/10/2016 in National

"The world is not here -- it's gone," shouted a drunken man as he passed me about a mile from where the World Trade Center once stood.



Beekeepers, growers get financially stung by hive thefts

Posted 9/10/2016 in National

Bee rustlers are driving up the cost of one of nature's sweetest enterprises: Honeybee hives valued at over $350 apiece are disappearing in large numbers.



Pence releases tax returns, while Trump's remain a secret

Posted 9/10/2016 in National

Donald Trump hasn't publicity released his tax returns. The same can no longer be said of his running mate, Mike Pence.



How Clinton and Trump plan to tackle education

Posted 9/10/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton has spent decades talking about the needs of children and touting the benefits of early education. It's a new subject for Donald Trump.



After 15 years, last artifacts of 9/11 have been given away

Posted 9/10/2016 in National

Behind the barbed wire, the minivan's busted windows and crumpled roof hint at its story.



On 9/11 anniversary, Obama hails 'true spirit of 9/11'

Posted 9/10/2016 in National

Hailing the values and resilience that he says both define and sustains Americans, President Barack Obama on Saturday honored the nearly 3,000 souls that were lost in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, as well as the bravery of survivors and the emergency personnel who responded, and the work of scores of others who have labored since to keep the homeland safe.



Forum puts focus on how Clinton is judged compared to Trump

Posted 9/9/2016 in National

For months, Hillary Clinton's supporters have griped that she's held to a higher, harder standard than Donald Trump. After Wednesday night's forum on national security, those complaints became a rallying cry.



Vanished flag from famous 9/11 photo returns to ground zero

Posted 9/9/2016 in National

An American flag raised at ground zero on Sept. 11 in a defining moment of patriotic resolve took its place at the site Thursday after disappearing for over a decade.



FAA warns airline passengers not to use Samsung smartphone

Posted 9/9/2016 in National

U.S. aviation safety officials took the extraordinary step late Thursday of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge a new-model Samsung smartphone during flights following numerous reports of the devices catching fire.



Trump promises huge boost in military spending

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

Republican Donald Trump vowed Wednesday to boost defense spending and deploy more active troops, fighter planes, Navy ships and submarines as he works to convince skeptics in both parties that he's ready to lead the world's most powerful military.



Trump campaign to stop barring some journalists from events

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

Donald Trump's campaign is ending its practice of barring selected news outlets from covering the Republican presidential nominee's events.



Why it matters: Immigration and the election

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

An estimated 11 million people are living and in many cases working in the United States illegally.



Clinton, Trump confront weaknesses in security forum

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton confronted their key weaknesses in a televised national security forum, with the Republican defending his preparedness to be commander in chief despite vague plans for tackling global challenges and the Democrat arguing that her controversial email practices did not expose questionable judgment.



Concerts, instruments, money help music survive after floods

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

Classical musicians are planning benefit concerts in New Orleans, a faculty member at the University of Southern Mississippi is collecting instruments and a country music-affiliated charity is donating $30,000 to help make sure music survives the disastrous floods that hit south Louisiana in August.



Female WWII pilot has finally been laid to rest at Arlington

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

After flying military planes during World War II, raising a family, visiting all seven continents and bungee-jumping in New Zealand at 83, Elaine Harmon had one final, seemingly simple wish: to be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.



GOP woos veterans, but Trump has rubbed some vets wrong way

Posted 9/7/2016 in National

It was more than a routine get-out-the-vote knock on the door when Iraq War veteran and Nevada Republican Party staffer Jon Staab asked Kenneth Olofson, a Vietnam veteran, if he'll be voting for Donald Trump.



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