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Mattis: More time allowed for review of new transgender enlistments

Posted 7/1/2017 in National

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is giving the military chiefs another six months to conduct a review to determine if allowing transgender individuals to enlist in the armed services will affect the "readiness or lethality" of the force.



Companies still hobbled from cyberattack

Posted 7/1/2017 in National

Many businesses still struggled Friday to recover hopelessly scrambled computer networks, collateral damage from a massive cyberattack that targeted Ukraine three days ago.



28 injured after gunfire erupts at Little Rock nightclub

Posted 7/1/2017 in National

Clubgoers screamed and scrambled for cover as dozens of gunshots rang out during a rap concert in downtown Little Rock early Saturday, leaving 28 people injured from an 11-second melee that police quickly said was not related to terrorism.



GOP may keep Obama tax on wealthy in bid to save health bill

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

Top Senate Republicans may try preserving a tax boost on high earners enacted by President Barack Obama in a bid to woo party moderates and rescue their sputtering push to repeal his health care overhaul.



Trump's crude tweets: Would anyone else be fired?

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

If President Donald Trump were anyone else, he'd be fired, or at least reprimanded, for his latest tweets attacking a female TV host, social media and workplace experts say.



Trump gets it from all sides for trash-talking MSNBC hosts

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

President Donald Trump launched a crude Twitter attack on the brains, looks and temperament of a female TV personality Thursday, drawing bipartisan howls of outrage and leaving fellow Republicans beseeching him: Stop, please just stop.



Massive field study links key pesticide to weakened honeybee hives

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

A common and much-criticized pesticide dramatically weakens already vulnerable honeybee hives, according to a new massive field study in three European countries.



More court challenges expected for Trump's new travel ban

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

A scaled-back version of President Donald Trump's travel is now in force, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January yet still likely to generate a new round of court fights.



House GOP backs bills to crack down on illegal immigration

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

Warning of threats to public safety and national security, the Republican-led House on Thursday approved two bills to crack down on illegal immigration, a key priority for President Donald Trump.



Feds now targeting relatives who smuggled in children

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

The Trump administration plans to arrest parents and other relatives who authorities believe smuggled their children into the United States, a move immigrant advocates said would send a wave of fear through vulnerable communities.



Trump, Putin face high-stakes meeting in Germany next week

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

Meeting face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump's "America First" policy will be put to the test if he opts to confront Russia over intelligence that Moscow meddled in the 2016 presidential election.



Officials: Legionnaires' disease outbreak at Graceland hotel

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

Health officials are investigating a Legionnaires' disease outbreak in the hotel located at Graceland, the tourist attraction centered on the life of late singer Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee.



New Ten Commandments statue destroyed at Arkansas Capitol

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

A man yelled "Freedom!" as he crashed his vehicle into Arkansas' new Ten Commandments monument early Wednesday, nearly three years after he was arrested in the destruction of Oklahoma's monument at its state Capitol, authorities said.



Mormon church: Female employees can wear pants

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

Women who work at Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City will be allowed to wear pantsuits and dress slacks instead of only skirts or dresses, the church announced Wednesday in a move that one Mormon women's group called a step in the right direction.



Pope's top aide charged in sex assault case

Posted 6/30/2017 in National

Pope Francis suffered a major blow when his top financial adviser, Cardinal George Pell, was charged in his native Australia with multiple counts of sexual assault from years ago, bringing a criminal case in the long-running abuse scandal inside the frescoed walls of the Vatican for the first time.



Partial US travel restrictions going into effect today

Posted 6/29/2017 in National

The Trump administration has set new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly Muslim nations and all refugees that require a "close" family or business tie to the United States.



Republicans ponder whether Trump helps sell health care

Posted 6/29/2017 in National

It was a platform most politicians can only hope for: A captivated, 6,000-person crowd and more than an hour of live, prime-time television coverage to hype the Republican vision for a new health care system.



Study finds pay for public college presidents up 5.3 percent

Posted 6/29/2017 in National

Presidents of U.S. public colleges and universities saw their earnings climb by 5.3 percent last year, with several of them topping $1 million, according to an annual survey.



Paddington bear creator Michael Bond dies at 91

Posted 6/29/2017 in National

It was a last-minute Christmas gift for his wife that inspired Michael Bond to create Paddington bear, the marmalade-loving teddy in a duffel coat and floppy hat.



Retracted CNN story a boon for president at war with media

Posted 6/28/2017 in National

For a president seemingly at perpetual war with "fake news," the resignation of three CNN journalists over a retracted story about a Donald Trump Russian connection is a gift from the political gods when the struggling effort to pass a health bill dominates the headlines.



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