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Raymond Gross: Liberal Democrats making a mess of things




When you think the liberal Democrats have completely run out of ways to make an absolute mess of things, you wake up this morning and realize how wrong you were. 


To see the president of the U.S. with many of his filthy rich supporters dancing in the street in the midst of a "get down" party reminds me of the foolish leader who "fiddled while Rome was burning." Maybe this was Obama''s way of keeping his promise to union members that in exchange for their votes he would put on his marching shoes and join them in the streets. He probably couldn''t find his Wisconsin shoes--didn''t see him there--did you? 


Next you see where elected Dems in D.C. are bragging about wanting to shut down the U.S. government if they "can''t have it their way." 


Then you see where more and more state-level elected Democrats are going AWOL which is punishable by death in the military in time of war. Yes , they are taking unauthorized paid vacations in another state to avoid doing their elected duty which is to vote! That''s what they are elected to do, represent their district by saying yes or no when it comes time to vote. 


What is wrong with these people? Are they just a bunch of spoiled brats in adult bodies who still need to be taken to the woodshed by their dads? Well, it probably wouldn''t do any good at this point so come election time they need to be replaced . They are proving just how fitting it is to use the jack ass as their party''s mascot. And after this dancing in the street stunt they could change their name to "the party party" instead of the Democrat party. 


To bring all this down to our small-town level, can you imagine Mayor Smith having a party and dancing in the streets and council members hiding out somewhere in Starkville while there are hundreds of people around our City Hall protesting about higher taxes, annexation, streets in need of repair and full of pot holes, crime on the increase and almost out of control, etc.? 


Raymond Gross 





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Reader Comments

Article Comment raider commented at 2/27/2011 12:41:00 AM:

Mr. Gross, that "dancing in the street" thing you are talking about is a little thing that is at the heart of our democracy. We call it "standing up for what you believe in." I know you conservatives believe it is something reserved for those known as the tea party but sometime other citizen believe in having peaceful protest. We got the right from a little used dociment called the constitution. And it's the real one, not the cut and paste one that conservatives use. Unlike the tea party though...the liberals have not brought any guns to thier protest. The protesters are teachers, nurses, fireman and other government workers that general have more education than the tea party members. Therefore, they prefer to use discussion and debate as a weapon rather than guns. Maybe that's why the the Governor refuses to speak with them since he dropped out of college.
As far as the Democrats leaving the state...they are doing the same thing that the republican senators did throughout the previous congress. They are using the rules to thier advantage. Contrary to your belief, they do not get paid to vote. They get paid to represent thier constituents. The tactics they use is up to them. What you want them to do is go and agree with your opinion. I guess in this case, it's the Koch brothers you want them to agree with since that's where the conservatives get thier ideals from.
As far as thier going AWOL..I guess when Wisconsin goes to war, then you can shoot them if they don't come home. Until then, stick to the facts and quit making stuff up.


Article Comment hope commented at 2/27/2011 12:35:00 PM:

Conservative Republicans: How they messed things up to get the liberal Democrats elected. We all know that our government was in the black when GWB (Republican) was elected. When GWB left office, we all know that we had two (2) wars going and a depression. Talking about things being messed up. C'mon Raymond, be a man and own up to it.
No matter how many books Bush writes , or how many talk shows or speaking engagements he makes, he'll never convince me and a lot more people that the Iraq war wasn't for oil and money, because the Republicans like money and power.
This country would have been in much better shape if the Democrats would have left town and not voted to send our troops to war. They could very well be right this time. When a governor depends on a billioaire to make his decisions for him, he is shutting the people out. With 1% of the people owning 50% of the wealth 10% owning 90%, that doesn't bode well for the rest us. Because the wealthy are having such influence on our elections, and the Tea party against our government, we may be at the mercy of the millionaires and billionaires. (ANARCHY.)
And Raymond,did you know that Iraq is refining less oil now than when we invaded them? And some people say we are winning.
And Raymond, did you know that GWB's 700 billion dollars of stimulus money created a minus 9 million jobs?
And Raymond, in MARK 10-25,It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God!
And Raymond, in Matthew 19-24, I say it again-it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.


Article Comment observer2 commented at 2/27/2011 2:25:00 PM:

raider, what is this "little democracy thing that the liberals have"? One of your favorite libs, karl marx, said "democracy is the road to socialism". The liberal democrat leaders in D.C., Indiana and Wisconsin that Mr. Gross refers to are smacking our founding Fathers Republic in the face and saying to hell with democracy . What is a democracy to you? Is it where the majority rules? I think I'm not alone in saying your babbleing attempt to rebut his letter just did a belly flop. Bout like the rosco dude. Did you get a BS degree at the same place as he?
Again, you missed the main point of Mr. Gross's letter--the elected liberal leaders are the object of his complaint. They're just goofing off and not doing their duty to vote and the prez is just sitting on the bench daydreaming about who know what. They are all making the democrat party a laughing stock!! I agree with Mr. Gross, it's becoming the "party party" anymore. One thing Obama is real good at, running up and down the steps to AF one. He is the world champ in that sport!!
One more thing, Are you and hope related? I remember frank saying hope is hopeless and it's easy to understand where he's coming from after trying to make sense of hopes ramblings. It seems to me that ALL the libs who post on this site do nothing but rant and rave . Never agreeing with any of the viewpoints, all just very negative. hope seems to be hung up on Mr. Grosses first name for some reason. hope really needs to get a life, bless her heart.
Neither of you comment about our own back yard Mr. Gross refers to. If you live in Columbus you have to agree with his last paragraph and since you are so passionate about the right to protest --why the heck aren't you and hope out in the streets "standing up for what you believe in" (your own words) about what's going on in Columbus??


Article Comment raider commented at 2/27/2011 8:58:00 PM:

observer2: I didn't miss Mr Gross'point, I didn't agree with it. In the hopes that you may understand, I will explain it again. People are not elected to vote. They are elected to represent. That representation may come in the form of voting or not voting. It may be debating or not debating. It is up to the individual electee to decide what is the best way to represent thier constituency. In the case of the Democrats in Wisconsin, the rules require 20 represenatives to have a quorum to open debate and conduct business on spending bills. By understanding the rules, the democrats decided to leave the state and deny the majority the ability to debate the bill and bring it to a vote.

"If you live in Columbus you have to agree with his last paragraph and since you are so passionate about the right to protest --why the heck aren't you and hope out in the streets "standing up for what you believe in" (your own words) about what's going on in Columbus??"

In this thing we call democracy, the people with the complaint is usually the people who take to the street and protest or write thier representative. Since you are the one complaining about what's going on in columbus, then you are the one that should be marching in the street. That's how it works. But more than likely, you would rather sit around complaining rather than standing up and protesting. Me and Hope can't do your job for you. We are not your represenative, thankfully.


Article Comment melody commented at 2/28/2011 8:36:00 AM:

"people are not elected to vote" , what a lame statement. raider, you are really showing your ignorance this time. I salute Mr. Tripplett for using his time in an attempt to train you up but it all goes in one ear and out the other so he's probably wasteing his time with you libs. better start taking notes and do your home work cause you're falling way behind. You didn't even have the guts to attempt to answer observer2's direct questions about your democracy. another question--Is that marx dude one of your hero's?? fess up now. Do you live in Columbus? Where did you and rosco get those bs degrees was a good question that frank asked on another thread.


Article Comment hope commented at 2/28/2011 9:02:00 AM:

@Raymond: These elected Democrats are going AWOL because they know our financial crisis wasn't caused by the protesters. They know it was caused by Bush (Republican) lack of real wage growth, better known as the dark ages and lost decade, and by greedy big banks and Wall Street. Two-thirds of corporations in Wisconsin pay no taxes.


Article Comment raider commented at 2/28/2011 7:45:00 PM:

@melody: just so you understand. During the last presidential campaign, Senators McCain and Obama flew around the country and gave speeches. They only voting a few times during that period and missed lots and lots of votes. So could you please explain why they were not kicked out of the Senate or shot since you believe they are elected to vote? I know this is a concept that is hard for simple minded people to understand but, individuals are elected to represent thier constituency. Voting is one of the things they may do while in office but it is not required.
For your info, I have multiple degrees, including a BS degree. That is why I can easily spot when you and your friends are spewing a load of BS out of both ends. In the future, could you please at least try to discuss the facts. The Marx and socialist BS is played out and tired. Please get some new material.


Article Comment hope commented at 2/28/2011 8:07:00 PM:

@Raymond:Here's some statistics that may help you understand what the protesters in Wisconsin and other states are fighting for. Incomes for 90% of Americans have been stuck in neutral for at least a generation, while the wealthiest tier has surged ahead at lighting speed. In 1988, the income of an average American taxpayer was $33,400.In 2008, it was still just $33,000.
The richest 1% of Americans-those making $380,000-have seen their income grow 33% over the last 20 years.
The Republicans, in their campaign, was all about creating jobs, and securing our borders. John Boehner on several occassions, said Mr.President, where are the jobs? The governor of Arizona was screaming, Mr President, secure our borders. With Boehner in charge, if he doesn't create jobs and secure our borders, those votes that you are referring to may go the other way.


Article Comment raider commented at 2/28/2011 9:15:00 PM:

@Hope: Since you want to confuse things with facts and figures, here is some more news from today. According to a Moody's analyst, the republican budget proposal will cost the economy 700,000 jobs over the next 2 years.
As some of us have always's a lot easier to throw rocks and rhetoric than to actually have to govern. What ever happened to the jobs that Boehner and Canter and the other rethugs promised. Seems the only jobs bill they have brought to the floor will send the economy into a tailspin. I guess they are pining for the days of GWB.


Article Comment bigbluerider commented at 2/28/2011 9:32:00 PM:

Hope perhaps you could explain to me why you think you or anybody has a right to someone else money. 1% this or that, the rich have and I don't so I have a right ot take it in the form of taxes and give it to whom ever. You know that constitution you talked about you want to show me that redistribution clause cause I have never seen it in there. The fight in Wisconsin is Wisconsin's business and when next they hold elections it will be settled and not before. Anyone in Ms who thinks they know the minds of the people of Wisconsin is softer than a sneaker full of doggie doodoo


Article Comment hope commented at 3/1/2011 8:21:00 AM:

@bigbluerider-----All my comments were facts that someone else compiled. If you were offended, it was because of the facts.
With 10% owning 90% of the wealth, if they get anymore, it will have to come from the poor and middle class.


Article Comment melody commented at 3/1/2011 9:00:00 AM:

well, what do you know, hope is trying to be a preacher . just a little shameful in my book. on one hand she loves the Bible when she can use It to support her backward liberal minor thinking but on the other hand where she is told to "love" all people, hope chooses to ignore that part so she can continue with her hate speech.
Maybe your eyes will opened, hope, when Obama raises your gas price to $10 a gallon? The whole nation should be joining hands to march around the white house and make Obama start using our own oil ,especially in Alaska. Now that's a real reason to be protesting, hope . I'll gladly join you in that protest march. Our out cry can be "it's the gas prices "stupid"!!


Article Comment hope commented at 3/1/2011 9:12:00 AM:

@blueridgerider---Just heard on the news that the Saudi's are handing out $38 billion. Just giving it away! But the downside to it , must of it probably was ours at one time. It's too bad that the lobbyists, Democrats, Republicans and the energy companies can't get together and keep our dollars here by being energy independent.


Article Comment hope commented at 3/1/2011 9:21:00 AM:

@observer2-----If I'm rambling, feel free to prove me wrong.


Article Comment kj commented at 3/1/2011 10:16:00 AM:

Did Melody, the commenter whose participation here consists almost exclusively of ad hominem attacks against other commenters, just accuse someone else of "hate speech?" LOL.

Melody, it's not Obama raising gas prices. Worldwide demand, much of which we have no direct control over, is doing that. Even if we did open up every national park and wildlife refuge and other public land for drilling, none of that oil would necessarily be used to produce petroleum products here in America. Even if that oil were used exclusively to produce petroleum products here in America, the price of that oil would still be dependent on the world oil market.

Who is president has nothing to do with the price of oil. The increasing pressure developing countries are putting on the market as their demand for petroleum increases outweighs every other factor except the wave of civil unrest currently sweeping across the Middle East. And even that unrest isn't disrupting the flow of oil to drive up the price. Markets are reacting to the potential that a real disruption will occur as a result. We're paying an extra 50ยข a gallon right now because of fear and speculation.


Article Comment gogetum commented at 3/1/2011 11:39:00 AM:

Finally got the super lib kj on the thread who stuck his foot , shoe and all in his mouth. (he loves to pick on melody) melody said nothing about the OIL prices--she only mentioned gas prices. Read it again kj--it's the gas prices, stupid. More foot in kj's mouth=he was probably in the middle of every lib in the country shouting how prez Bush was behind the oil prices going up but now he has changed his tune with Barry in the white house. Somehow "who is president has nothing to do with the price of oil", is kj's own words now.
Just in case kj has never heard, more money goes to Obamas slush fund from a gallon of gas than to oil compainies.
I agree with melody about the protest march needs to be on the D.of C. I'd even hold hands with kj on that march. Obama needs to get to work making us oil independent. Also to stop giving $$$ aid to the muzzlums who want to put us away.


Article Comment kj commented at 3/1/2011 12:05:00 PM:

Hey, gogetum, thanks for attacking me personally yet again and calling me "stupid." I always appreciate the fact that I'm dealing with people so reliant on personal attacks as a debating method. It makes it so much easier.

Had you actually read my comment, you would have noticed that I said to Melody, (and I'm quoting my own previous comment here) "it's not Obama raising gas prices." See what I did there? I actually used "gas" there in my response to her, because she was talking about "gas" prices. I know, how "stupid" of me to actually read what someone wrote and respond to it so directly.

If you have comments that I made saying Bush was behind prices going up, please, feel free to bust me on those. I think the best you'd find is a sarcastic comment that we went to war to keep oil prices down and look how that's worked out. But if you can't even look one comment up the thread to see that I didn't do what you're accusing me of, I don't imagine you'd bother looking through older content rather than just make something up.

There is no presidential "slush fund" from gasoline taxes. I do in fact know that the government makes more income on a gallon of gas than oil companies do. That money mostly supports infrastructure used by vehicles.

As for oil independence, that concept is mythical. Even if we pumped all the oil consumed in the country its price would still be regulated by the world market. If we somehow imposed the set of government controls necessary to prevent that, oil companies wouldn't bother drilling here, for the same reasons that everyone was up in arms about the recent moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico: increased costs and delays would send the oil companies in search of cheaper-to-produce petroleum.

Thanks again, gogetum, for taking the time out to explicitly call me "stupid." Not as good a laugh as Melody tagging someone else's "hate speech," but awful close. You really showed me.


Article Comment gogetum commented at 3/1/2011 2:57:00 PM:

kj, I wasn't saying you were stupid, was mearly repeating melodys' suggestion for a chant in the march. There were two ways to take it, guess you chose to take it the wrong way. That's your perocative. Sorry bout that , kj , so let's shake and I'll buy the next round.


Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 3/1/2011 3:54:00 PM:

Mr. Gross, for a man who has spent as much time up a communication tower as you have, you'd think you would have figured out by now NEITHER party is doing anything for the American public.

I dunno, maybe it's altitude sickness or something.


Article Comment frank commented at 3/1/2011 4:41:00 PM:

How is your oil company stock doing Hopeless? Should be up about 60% in the last nine months. Are you sharing the wealth Obummer's drilling ban brought us or still just sitting around bashing Bush?


Article Comment raider commented at 3/1/2011 10:23:00 PM:

"Did Melody, the commenter whose participation here consists almost exclusively of ad hominem attacks against other commenters,"

No truer statement has been made in this whole thread.


Article Comment bigbluerider commented at 3/1/2011 11:19:00 PM:

Hope hope hope Where did you get the notion I was offended. I asked you why you think you have the right to someone else wealth. I asked you where in the constitution is the redistribution clause. If you haven't any answers I understand, have another drink of cool-aid


Article Comment hope commented at 3/2/2011 10:26:00 AM:

@Raymond:Why do you think that the Tea Party Republicans are more capable of doing anything any better than what they did in my first comment. President Obama and the Democrats have people like you in a rage. and almost all Republicans. When you are in a rage, you can't make good decisions. That's the reason your comments, along with some more make no sense at all, have no facts and aren't constructive at all. They mean absolutely nothing about anything. In 2012, cooler heads must and will prevail.


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