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Conservatives not alone in bending the truth 


In a recent column, Leonard Pitts wrote of "The sad state of zealots with microphones." He lambasted conservative columnists and spokesmen, while completely ignoring the fact that everything he said at least equally applies to liberals as well. Liberal politicians, pundits, spokesmen, columnists, and whatever else, have a long track record of distorting everything conservatives say and do, to the point of knowingly outright lying. 


If any of you missed Mr. Pitts' column Sunday, find a copy of the paper and read it on page 7A. The man is so blinded by his own bias that he can't see the forest for the trees. I yearn for the day when a politician can and will stand up and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. When you've got to lie or "spin" the facts of what you've said or done, then you know without a doubt you were wrong. 


On page 3A of that same edition, a Justice official is quoted making the case for same-day registration and voting. Now there's a recipe for rampant voter fraud. Remember, this is the same "Justice" Department that stopped Florida from cleaning up its bloated voter rolls, which had dead people and illegal immigrants registered to vote. There is a solution. 


Everybody, well almost everybody, has a driver's license. The requirements for getting a first driver's license would have to be tightened to show a birth certificate. There is a magnetic strip on the back, similar to one on a credit card. That strip could contain information such as legal residency; location of residence; whether or not you're a felon ineligible to vote; of course your government issued photo ID; and other necessary information.  


Cameron Triplett 






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