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What is spineless? Spineless could be a little man working at a shrinking newspaper who writes articles about what he thinks happened at a place he was not present. Of what people said that he was not there to hear. About the feelings he felt at a function he did not attend. About the character of a person whom he had never meet. About running for political office which he has neither the guts nor principle to do so. Spineless is someone that sits behind a keyboard and is critical of the people and the town that he has not taken the time to meet, know or learn about. Spineless is also writing an opinion (OUR VIEW) and not putting his name on it. Which was approved by the editor/publisher. Spineless can also be a person who writes only negative articles about a great Southern town that like most others needs the help of there local newspaper. I have always heard that those that come to a town and are critical and negative of it can take the same road out that they came in on. Try Highway 82 west and don''t look back! By the way, I think you can get a heck of a deal on the whole state of "California." Only problem no one knows who owns it! Oh, one more, Spineless is not contacting me in order to know what I think or who I am. It could also be not printing this! I work for the "good people" of Lowndes County not The Dispatch. I only read your paper because of my job! 


Frank Ferguson 




Ferguson is the Dist. 2 supervisor for Lowndes County. 


Birney Imes responds: The writer references an editorial in Wednesday''s Dispatch in which he was criticized. Editorials represent the opinion of the newspaper''s editors and not that of individual writers. Read the original editorial here.



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Reader Comments

Article Comment SDF commented at 7/10/2009 2:39:00 PM:

Mr. Ferguson, as an elected official you should be open to criticism. Instead of coming back with an overly angry (and very juvinile) rant, you should take into consideration the things that were said and think about how you can combat the impression that these editors, who happen to be constituents of your "great Southern town", have of you.


Article Comment EWH commented at 7/11/2009 9:42:00 AM:

Mr. Ferguson, do not let the little people who sit on the sidelines and criticize affect you one bit. I for one think your admonishing a dieing newspapers deadbeat owner was a breath of fresh air. He sits like you said on the sideline does nothing but be critical of this community and then tries to take credit when something goes the way he thinks.
1 more note my pappy always said the nut doesn't fall far from the tree so you don't worry about what the Ime's have to say they are aristocrats loosing their grip on this community and are scared to death of not having the control IE "RUPP" in their pockets and you and the Lowndes board are doing stuff and getting credit for it and the "IME's" are having to take a back seat. I for one and lots of Lowndes Countians are happy with the way things are going maybe our city leaders could learn something from you guys.
Keep up the good Work.


Article Comment Marsha Ross commented at 7/11/2009 11:04:00 PM:

It is hard to get good men and women to run for elected office because of all the abuse they get from the armchair quarterbacks. When we give the real culprits(Leroy Brookes) a pass but heap scorn on the honest men like Holiman and Ferguson who do not take on the job for the money(like Leroy and Smith) but in order to serve..that just shows how ignorant the newspaper people are. Using your inherited newspaper to try to manipulate and abuse the public trust is despicable. No wonder people are stopping their subscription. Not only is the newspaper without balance in its politics, it is slim and none in its local news. All the newspaper can do is whine and complain about Columbus.


Article Comment Dash Riprock commented at 7/12/2009 1:10:00 AM:

Uh..MR. Ferguson..Not to be critical or grade your writing skills or anything but the sentence.."Spineless can also be a person who writes only negative articles about a great Southern town that like most others needs the help of there local newspaper."

I think perhaps that "their" was the proper word instead of "there"..And I am not afraid to use my name.

Dash Riprock


Article Comment Give Us A Real Man commented at 7/12/2009 7:27:00 AM:

Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Holliman:

You are weak men that follow Harry Sanders like little puppies. Had you been leaders you would have shut this down. You know Harry was doing this as a personal dig at Leroy.

Harry pushed for both of you to be elected and we knew this was what we were getting. It is just sad to see it happen.

We are not stupid. We see the show. You and John enjoy your one term. Many of us are ready to have real representation back, not weak puppets.



Article Comment Liberated commented at 7/14/2009 2:20:00 PM:

Actually, Old Chap Riprock,
What is needed is "its" --not "there" or "their." The word is referring to the town-singular possessive is needed (with NO apostrophe). Sorry, as an X-educator, I can't help myself!


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