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Can’t see reason not to consider Burns Bottom




I may have missed something but I have yet to see any real reason to not consider Burns Bottom for the location of the sportsplex. 


I have seen flooding as a reason. The problem with that idea is, I have lived here in Burns Bottom since 1992 and have never had my home here on Third Street threatened by flood waters. As a matter of fact, I have never had water on the street in front of my home. A few times I have seen some very minor flooding on Second Street shallow enough to easily drive a car through. A lot of areas have flooded all around Columbus. Even Highway 45 and Leigh Mall have flooded. I have seen comments stating Burns Bottom is too close to downtown. I''m sorry, why is that a problem? I think Burns Bottom is a location crying out for some type of development. People in east Columbus can take the bypass and be here in a few minutes. I think it is a good location for development. 


Bill Cannon 






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Article Comment Mr. Ed commented at 7/25/2009 7:49:00 AM:

Mr. Cannon, you missed the entire one reason for not using Burns Bottom, Birney Imes and Leroy Brooks didn't come up with the idea and we all know if Leroy or Birney aren't the ones to have the credit it isn't going to fly. Birney can't stand the fact that his family doesn't control Columbus anymore and I think all the rumors and enuendos about drug use in his family are eating away at him inside, thats why I see in the very near future Mr Imes will make a move towards Starkville he see's a young "RUPP" in the new mayor of Strakville and can join the party crowd of young college kids. I say let him leave your way of thinking isn't needed in Columbus anymore Mr Imes.


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