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Voice of the people: Melony Beard




Dress codes, not uniforms 


Kudos to our elected school board members who stood for what the 2,300 opposing parental surveys returned wanted. And recognizing the 1,600 favoring surveys were not all marked by parents of the Lowndes County School District due to issues with the distributing and handling. Thank you for doing your job as an elected official representing your community. If more elected officials would back up the desires of the people they represent, our communities and beyond would be much better places to live. 


As a parent, I hope that we can join together and help our schools with enforcing our current dress codes. I hope that our administration and elected officials will take much more seriously our concerns for the overwhelming lack of enforcement of these dress codes in our schools. Instead of spending time arguing over individual rights - let's get to the business of enforcing the rules we have in place so that we can spend our time educating our children. We should not have to hear one school faculty member complain of how kids are dressing for school next year. Students, parents and all faculty should be held responsible for making sure children are either dressed appropriately or sent home.  


There should be discipline in place for dress code violations and faculty should be disciplined for ignoring dress code violations as well. I'm really tired of hearing that kids are consistently coming to school out of dress code and that no one does anything about it. The time spent enforcing the dress code will pay off in the long run and you will not have to spend educational time on dress codes that you have in years past. It will take determination in the beginning. It might take up a good bit of time at first because the enforcement has been so relaxed lately, but in the end you will see the fruits of your labor. No one will be able to say that they are spending all day on dress code violations once we have shown that we are not going to back down in enforcing it.  


Instead of being divided on a uniform issue year after year, let's work together to enforce our current rules and make our schools a place to spend our time on our children's education.  


I encourage all parents of LCSD to review the current dress code and ensure that your child is following the rules. 


Melony Beard 





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