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Voice of the people: Rep. Gary A. Chism




Medicaid debate 


There has been much discussion about Medicaid expansion, an issue that has been caused by Obamacare. 


The Republicans in the House do not want to jeopardize the healthcare of our citizens in the state's Medicaid programs and we have voted to reauthorize and fund the current program four times. It is hard for me to understand why the Democrats in Mississippi House have voted four times to kill Medicaid as it currently stands. 


There has not been a vote on Medicaid expansion in the Mississippi House for several reasons. Most importantly -- we cannot afford it. Furthermore, even if the House were to pass expansion the Senate would kill it. If the Senate were to pass it, the governor would veto it. This debate has hit a dead end. Democrats in the Mississippi House know that, but they would rather play political games than let the current program continue on like it should. 


Rep. Gary A. Chism 





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