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Recently, I had the privilege of exhibiting my art work at the Rosenzweig Arts Center. What an impressive facility! And delightful staff.  


As I got involved with the process of hanging the show, and organizing the reception I learned that funding for the Arts Center Is dangerously low. I know times are not what we would like, but I sincerely hope the community in Columbus and the surrounding areas will take advantage of this Arts Center and support it fully. If everyone did a little, it would become a lot.  


Go by the Rosenzweig. Ask for a tour. Help them. 




Jennie Szaltis 


Jacksonville, Fla.



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Article Comment Q commented at 8/26/2009 6:57:00 PM:

Right on!!! The Rosenzweig performs a tremendously valuable service for this community! Without the arts, Columbus would be just another dried-up, has-been Southern town. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Columbus have no idea that the RAC is there, or absolutely no appreciation for what it does. Please don't let it die, folks!! Go there and buy some great art -- most of which is VERY reasonably priced!!!!


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