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Alcohol already available on Sunday




We keep hearing, "Stop Sunday alcohol sales in Columbus." The fact is there are already Sunday alcohol sales in Columbus. Beer and light wine (wine coolers, etc..) have been sold on Sundays in Columbus for years in stores and restaurants. Liquor and wine are being served on Sundays now in bars and restaurants that have resort status (Woody''s, Rubens, Columbus Country Club). So, if a person wants to drink on Sunday in Columbus, it is already available. The proposed ordinance is only to serve mixed drinks and wine in the rest of the restaurants that are already serving beer and are not allowed to have "resort status". Liquor stores would still be closed on Sunday. Let''s get in or get out, either outlaw all drinking in Columbus on Sunday or let the rest of the businesses have the same rights as the select few that have been granted "resort status" due to being close to the river or a private club.  


George Jenkins 





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Article Comment Whine Coolers commented at 8/31/2009 5:57:00 PM:

People are going to drink booze if they want to no matter what a city tries to impose on them. Might as well go ahead and allow the sales and make money on it.


Article Comment alan commented at 9/4/2009 11:22:00 PM:

Why don't you explain your reasoning to those who have lost relatives to alcohol related accidents, to those who watched friends/loved ones being consumed by alcoholism, to the mother of a small child killed by a drunk driver or maybe by someone who got drunk and decided to shoot up the house? Tell them it was more important for the city to make money. Go ahead and tell them it was more important for someone to be able to have alcohol with their dinner than it was for their kids safety on the road.

Maybe we should just go ahead and set a bounty for the heads of fools. Maybe we should start with yours.


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