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Two caring women and E-911




Several days ago, after leaving the dialysis unit, my husband began to bleed from the access in his arm and was losing blood at a very fast rate. Fortunately for him and for us, and his family, two quick-thinking and competent women saw what was happening to him. They instantly produced a huge beach towel and helped him hold tightly the problem area and meanwhile calling an ambulance. 


I received a call from the hospital that he was in the emergency room. We have no idea who these wonderful women are but want them to know through this letter perhaps, how very much we appreciate their caring attention. This is the second occasion that E-911 has caused an ambulance to arrive in time for us. According to yesterday''s Dispatch, funds are being cut for E-911. If funds are cut so drastically--what if no one answers? 


Mildred Loftis 






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