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Save The W




We need your help. Certain politicians in this state have suggested the closure and/or merger of MUW with another institution. Either choice spells the end of The W. 


If you would like to keep The W open, please write letters to each of the IHL board members listed below. Please tell them in a short note why you chose MUW and ask them to please keep this in mind when they are discussing our fate. 


The board members need to know that students really do want to come here--that MUW does matter to the state. Please do not write anything accusatory or negative--we just want them to be aware of what great students and alums we have. If possible, send a separate letter to each board member--for a better overall effect. 


The Mississippi IHL Board of Trustees meets this Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 18 and 19, so the letters need to go out quickly. Thank you for your support! 


Board Members: 


Scott Ross, President 


Dr. Bettye Neely, Vice President 


Ed Blakeslee 


Dr. L. Stacy Davidson, Jr. 


Bob Owens 


Aubrey Patterson 


Alan W. Perry 


Christine Lindsay Pickering 


Robin Robinson 


Dr. Douglas W. Rouse 


C. D. Smith, Jr. 


Amy Whitten 


c/o Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning 


3825 Ridgewood Road 


Jackson, MS 39211 


Melody Vydas, Columbus 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Ni commented at 11/14/2009 11:38:00 PM:

I think the" W" should be closed. Seems like there is always controversity over that school. The women who graduated from the "w" are always runing something down in Columbus, because, they were not ask to be in charge of it. Yes, it would save tax payers money.


Article Comment Megan Morgan commented at 11/15/2009 9:17:00 AM:

Merging MUW will NOT save the taxpayers any money - in fact, it will end up costing more. The state government pays more per student at MSU than it does at the W. MSU faculty earn higher salaries than those at MUW. These disparities will have to be resolved by raising salaries and student expenditures should the two schools merge. While a few administration positions can be cut by a merger, many positions must remain open for the day-to-day running of the university. A merger makes no financial sense!


Article Comment Jane commented at 11/15/2009 9:56:00 AM:

Should I tell them that I didn't choose it because of the name of it?


Article Comment Stormy commented at 11/16/2009 6:02:00 AM:

If closing or merging the "W", would bring a close to this bickering and fussing and eating the newspaper space up with stories and comments about the "W", then by all means DO IT!! There is more in this life going on than a petty name change over a SCHOOL. Move on PLEASE!


Article Comment J commented at 11/16/2009 8:35:00 AM:

It's no longer about the name change. That subject is dead. It's now about the city of Columbus keeping an entity that is a major employer in the area. It is one of the only sources in the city for art and cultural events. MUW is one of the only universities in the state to be regularly recognized for it's achievements in providing a quality education to its students. MUW provides continuing education for adults as well as educational youth camps during the summer. Visitors to events at MUW contribute to the annual tourism dollars that Columbus depends on. Could Columbus really cope without these resources?

We must ask the IHL and the legislature to carefully look at what waste there is in the expenditures of the other schools. MUW receives the least amount of money than any other school and they spend less per student but they have proven that they can do more with less based on the recognition that they receive for their work. We must look at the quality of education that students in Mississippi receive. Several other universities fall below the 51% average graduation rate in the state. Why are these universities not being considered for merger or closure if they are not adequately educating and graduating their students? Mississippi almost always remains at the #50 spot in the nation for everything including education. The legislature and the IHL must think in broader terms of what is going to work long term and what will finally get them out of the bottom range of those lists.

Also, MUW currently has no representation on the IHL. We must ask Governor Barbour to consider equal representation for each university when he makes his next appointment to the IHL board.


Article Comment Dorothy Lowe commented at 11/17/2009 7:03:00 AM:

Shpould we also share our opinion that a merger would be better than retaining it seprately --- IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

Obama did it!!


Article Comment concerned W professor commented at 11/17/2009 7:45:00 AM:

To those who are quick to judge - either way, for that matter - it would be best to fully understand the implications of any decision, whether it be closure, merger, whatever. Merging is no simple thing regardless of the quality of the outcome. There will be economic impacts to the city of Columbus no matter what with the likely changes (possible decreases) in student population not to mention those faculty who are risk-averse and may elect to move on before any transition is complete. More houses on the market and fewer buyers would be likely under such scenarios and, if so, would be just the beginning. You should consider all of this - and wait for someone more objective to point it out in more detail - before you finalize and voice your opinion. To that end, I think some of the comments above could be described as 'hasty' at best, and 'ill-considered' at worst.


Article Comment George commented at 11/17/2009 4:19:00 PM:

Economic Impact on Columbus?!!? Most students drive in for class then drive home. The campus is like a ghost town and even that is propped up by MSMS. There is an impact with faculty and staff housing but that would only increase with a merger. I doubt MSU would scale back operations at the "W". If you scaled them back any more than they already are you'd have to padlock the front gate.

We keep hearing how great the "W" is but, because it's a state funded school, it has to make economic sense as well. The "W" has been in declining health for years. Alumns take the easy way out and blame Dr. Limbert. Well, sometimes the patient is terminal and the doctor can't fix it.


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