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Neither a pointer or a setter, (nor a flower)




I went running this evening. The sheep at the funeral (Memorial Funeral Home) home are a little bolder, and don''t run to the back of the cage anymore when Ponty comes. 


A block away from there, there was a well dressed man across the street from us, and he saw Ponty. I am used to people asking what sort of dog that is, or if that is a pit bull, but his question flummoxed me: "Is that a poinsettia?" 


I refrained from laughing, and I refrained from saying, "No, a poinsettia is a Christmas flower." I gave my standard answer, that it was a dog from the shelter, so we don''t really know what breed it is. 


After I was running along and chuckling to myself, I think I puzzled out what he was trying to say. Maybe he was mixing "pointer" and "setter." 


Rob Hardy, Columbus



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Article Comment Aa commented at 12/26/2009 5:03:00 PM:

Dear dispatch, slow news day?

Dear rob, I can only assume the only logically explanation for writting this letter is that you're really lonely. Anyone else would have a. Maybe repeated this story to one person tops. And b. Googled the breed of dog you are refering to.


Article Comment Justin commented at 12/26/2009 11:00:00 PM:

Rob--thanks for having a shelter dog. I think it is great to tell people that you have a shelter dog, and you don't have to have a breed. If everyone will spay and neuter, the shelters would be a lot less full.


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