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Roses and thorns




A rose to state Sen. Doug Davis, who we expect Monday to bring the MUW name change to committee, and to local leaders who are going to the Capitol to support the measure. The Senate Universities and Colleges committee, chaired by Davis, of Hernando, will hear arguments on both sides of the issue, and an IHL representative will offer perspective. 


If Mississippi University for Women is going to survive, it first must change its name to something relevant. The university''s divided alumni joined forces to raise funds for the school and fight a proposed consolidation with Mississippi State. But if our fair lady wins that battle and remains independent, it will only be the beginning of the battle. 


A group of about 30 people, including Gordon Flowers, Bobby Harper and Columbus Mayor Robert Smith, will head to Jackson Monday morning as a show of support for the Senate bill, No. 2702. 


The Columbus-Lowndes Development Link organized the trip, so business leaders can show their support for a name change. 




Roses to community members who have been volunteering their services to help make decisions on how United Way funds are allocated. Volunteers divide into groups, touring facilities and reviewing financial statements from the various United Way supported entities, to make recommendations on how to distribute money from the United Way''s 2011 campaign. 


The agency has raised $593,433, with a goal of $600,000. Despite the United Way being so close to its goal, its director, Jan Ballard, expects to have to dip into reserve funds. 


To give, call 662-328-0943 or visit 




A rose each to longtime educators who recently were inducted into the Starkville Area Education Hall of Fame. Dr. JoAnn Vicks, Dr. Cathy Grace and Edythe Moore McArthur were tapped for the honor Thursday during the Greater Starkville Development Partnership''s annual awards banquet. 


Roses also go to those honored by the Partnership for their service to the community -- the T.E. Veitch Community Service Award was awarded to the Starkville Community Market; the Crystal Pineapple Tourism Award was awarded to the Mississippi State University Athletic Department; the Military Service Award was given to Gulf States Manufacturers, which made and donated steel replicas of the minuteman logo for each of the state''s Army National Guard Units; Industry of the Year Award to Weavexx; and Ambassador of the Year Award was given to Carolyn Jackson, co-founder of WLZA Radio in Starkville.



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Reader Comments

Article Comment Allison Chestnut ''79 commented at 1/31/2010 4:43:00 PM:

"If Mississippi University for Women is going to survive, it first must change its name to something relevant."

Using revelancy as the leading argument for a name change seems mighty weak. Relevancy is as fleeting as yesterday's weather forecast. It reminds me of a time when women in general were told that without a husband ( and the requisite name change marriage provided), their efforts wouldn't be taken seriously.
Mississippi so often bears the stigma of real and imagined discrimination. The W, (and Alcorn, Jackson State and Mississippi Valley) refute that image both historically and contemporarily. Furthermore, the W has been recognized in U. S. News and World Report as nationally excellent. It seems ironic that that the name is a branding nightmare and yet the name does not detract from national recognition.

The name is a problem only if the powers that be decide to make that the focus, rather than to expound on the many excellent programs the university has to offer.


Article Comment Ellen commented at 1/31/2010 6:13:00 PM:

When I worked at the W some 20 years ago, we had an alltime high enrollment. You know why? The name didn't change. We had a president, admissions staff and faculty who were "in to the W" . The current president is the farthest thing possible from being "in to the W" She is so anti-W its not funny. Who are the Link people who think a name change is going to up enrollment. They have no clue what makes the W function and they have no business even having a say in the matter. The Link needs to spend more time promoting Columbus and bringing more businesses other than Dollar trees and Payroll cash advance businesses. They need to spend more time on our so-called mall instead of butting their nose into the business of MUW. All the W needs to "survive" is a new president and staff who are all about the W as it was and quit trying to change it.


Article Comment Ellen Culpepper commented at 1/31/2010 6:16:00 PM:

Oh and a thorn to The Dispatch for giving a rose to our so called community leaders who are trying to change The W's name.. How dare you support this !!!!!


Article Comment Ryan commented at 2/1/2010 12:22:00 AM:

Ellen Culpepper, as you are not a college bound teenager, I can assume you probably don't think like one. Now, let me explain something about MUW's name to you. It is called Mississippi University FOR WOMEN. Not exactly inclusive. And adding the little "Admitting Men Since..." tag might as well say "But I guess you guys can come too, since we HAVE to let you." Also, I should ask you: If it were "Mississippi University for Men" you'd call it sexist, wouldn't you?


Article Comment Mark commented at 2/1/2010 7:36:00 PM:

Thanks blue haired mafia, you have sealed the fate of the University. It may have three years left but no more.
As a conservative I will never vote for Gary Chisum or Terry Brown again, they have sold out to the mafia.


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