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Nathan Bedford Forrest in West Point


Sylvia Barkemeyer Williams



To Steve Mullen re: What would Ulysses do? 


You said in this column that you imagine S. D. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest rode their mounted soldiers through at some point. (Highway 45A near the Clay County line) Forrest certainly did. 


The story has been handed down (and may be in the Clay County history) that Forrest camped on our property on the Chuquatonchee Creek just west of WP during the war. He came up and ate breakfast with the two old-maid ladies who owned the property at that time. I have read a Forrest biography, and he spent several days in WP. The book told that he was pacing up and down at the WP depot, trying to figure out what to do. Someone interrupted him, aggravating him, and he punched them. 


His soldiers may have fought in the battle of Tibbee Creek which took place about where the Chuquatonchee runs into the Tibbee, west of Highway 45A. I''m sure some of the reenactors around here know the details. 


I''m sure Lee and Forrest would have been as revolted as I am by the silver "pony." Clay County hasn''t had any luck getting rid of it. It''s in Lowndes County, but no one from Columbus has to look at it. Maybe some day one of the tornadoes going through here will smash it. I can hope anyway. 


I enjoy reading your editorials. 


Sylvia Barkemeyer Williams, West Point 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment JC commented at 3/18/2010 12:10:00 PM:

Nathan Bedford Forrest... hmmm... didn't he help found some sort of fraternal organization or other after the Wawuh of Nawthun Aggression?


Article Comment Clay commented at 3/19/2010 12:02:00 PM:

[email protected]! While I was reading the article I kept thinking...didn't Mr. Forrest start one of the most vile organizations in America - the KKK. I'd be ashamed to claim any association with such a "man".


Article Comment walter commented at 3/19/2010 1:50:00 PM:

He did start it, but others have perpetuated it and it's dogma. To counter it, we need more people involved in organizations that counter what the KKK stood (stand) for and demonstrate that we are, indeed, brothers and sisters, and that our differences is merely skin-deep and other differences we have are the product of cultural forces and nothing else. Intelligent whites and blacks pray and hope for a day when the poison unleashed by Forrest and his crew will be eliminated from our society, once and for all. It has crippled us, as a people, a city, a region and a state. We can ill-afford to tolerate what the man taught and preached, if we're going to help our young to experience and enjoy all the blessings of this nation and especially our hometown, Columbus, Lowndes and other surrounding counties.


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