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Steve Mullen: A pop quiz for the first quarter: The answers


Steve Mullen


If this column seems more incoherent than usual, the you probably missed last week''s questions about the top local news stories of the first three months of 2010.  


If all else fails, have a chuckle making up questions to fit the answers. Or, go online to get the actual questions, if you missed them. Or, if you''re a hoarder, worm your way through your crawlspace filled with old papers, and find last week''s. Or, join me in agreement that this entire exercise was a bad idea and wash your hands of it forever. 


Without further ado, the answers to last week''s questions: 


1. A cowbell. 


2. Beer. 


3. Smoking. 


4. Burning incense. 


5. India. 


6. The Daily Times Leader building. 


7. The First Federal Bank building. 


8. Catfish. 


9. Starkville. 


10. West Point. 


11. West Point. 


12. The police chief. 


13. False. 


14. Smoke. 


15. Neighborhood parks. 


16. Pseudoephedrine. 


17. Jim Terry. 


18. State inmates. 


19. No local legislators either wrote or co-sponsored such a bill. 


20. True. 


21. East Mississippi Community College and Mississippi State University. 


22. OCH Regional Medical Center. 


23. True. 


24. Chuck D. 


25. Helicopter. 


26. Harry Sanders. 


27. True. 


28. False. 


29. Tucson. 


30. Eggs and light bulbs. 


I''m disappointed in you, class. No one scored 100 on the test. But reader Calvin Ford, who dutifully sent in the most correct answers, receives a Dispatch Sunday-comics umbrella. Congratulations!


Steve Mullen is Managing Editor of The Dispatch.


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