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Sidewalk plans comply with city rules




Let''s set the record straight. In the August 30th edition of "readers comment," an anonymous posting asked questions about the sidewalk conflict at GTP&DD in Starkville. Specifically, the reader questioned the cost of the concrete walks and the architect''s untimely review of city requirements. I respond as follows:  


1. The sidewalks were included in the original bid documents together with all other city requirements. Compliance with city regulations was not an afterthought.  


2. At Mr. Johnson''s request, the sidewalks were priced as an individual "line item." We received six (6) bids on the sidewalks with the average of the bids being $29,535.  


Roger A. Pryor A.I.A., Pryor & Morrow Architects and Engineers, P.A.



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Article Comment warren commented at 9/6/2010 2:18:00 PM:

Thanks for the additional information.


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