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Ask Rufus: Natural Beauty

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

So often when we think of the grand beauty of nature, we think of impressive sights such as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon.

Slim Smith: KiOR: The Stonehenge of industrial development

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

On Saturday afternoon, on a whim, I drove out to the Island to see what remained of the former KiOR plant.


Wyatt Emmerich: An 'old gray-headed nark' speaks his mind

Posted 4/28/2017 in Local Columns

Marshall Fisher, the new head of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, is about as true blue a law enforcement professional as you will ever find.


Slimantics: Pro-life and pro-choice not always mutually exclusive

Posted 4/27/2017 in Local Columns

Americans fall generally into two categories when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Possumhaw: New digs for the earthworm

Posted 4/24/2017 in Local Columns

It was a beautiful day, not too hot, windy, or humid to enjoy working in the yard.


Charlie Mitchell: McDaniel plans to ride emotional wave to U.S. Senate

Posted 4/24/2017 in Local Columns

Why would the name of a state senator from Ellisville be on a professionally created survey seeking voters' views on national issues? The answer is obvious. The opinion survey is a pre-campaign ad. Chris McDaniel intends to be a U.S. senator.



Bill Crawford: A peek behind Reeves and Gunn's spending rhetoric

Posted 4/24/2017 in Local Columns

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and House Speaker Philip Gunn are touting their great success this year in holding down the cost of government.


Partial to Home: Mrs. Sparrow's birdhouses

Posted 4/22/2017 in Local Columns

About 20 years ago, when the Internet was in its infancy in these parts, Betty Armstreet Sparrow joined a Yahoo on-line craft club and met a woman in Hannibal, Missouri, named Jackie. The two became best friends.

Ask Rufus: Three Houses

Posted 4/22/2017 in Local Columns

My plan for today's column was to put together a walking tour of a historic area on the north side of Main Street in Columbus.

Slimantics: Mississippians have little reason to complain about federal taxes

Posted 4/18/2017 in Local Columns

Today is the deadline for filing federal income taxes.

Possumhaw: It's how you play the game

Posted 4/17/2017 in Local Columns

I write on the subjects of birds and bees but this week I thought I'd infringe on sports editor Adam Minichino's area -- basketball. Something I know little or nothing about.

Up South: Memories of Steve's Cafe

Posted 4/15/2017 in Local Columns

Market Street, from the Princess Theatre to the Magnolia Bowl. I knew it well, in the soles of my feet. Steve's Cafe was there, next to the Princess, where it belonged.

Ask Rufus: Easter Dinner

Posted 4/15/2017 in Local Columns

Most Christians today will celebrate Easter enjoying a traditional meal that is also one of the year's most important family gathering times.

Slimantics: Smith doesn't sugar coat disappointing legislative session

Posted 4/13/2017 in Local Columns

Jeff Smith has represented Lowndes County in the House of Representatives since 1992. Wednesday, during his appearance at the Kiwanis Club of Columbus at Lion Hills Center, he noted he has just completed his 26th legislative session.

Possumhaw: Of butterflies and bees

Posted 4/10/2017 in Local Columns

Several neighbor ladies sat on the Prairie porch enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon while admiring masses of butterflies on blossoming trees.


Charlie Mitchell: Those who manage the state's money

Posted 4/10/2017 in Local Columns

When a family finds itself in a financial pickle and looks for advice, the admonition is always the same: Make a budget and stick to it.


Ask Rufus: The Voyage of the Gopher

Posted 4/8/2017 in Local Columns

Two years ago, I wrote a column about famed archaeologist Clarence Bloomfield Moore's expeditions up the Tombigbee and Black Warrior rivers between 1900 and 1906.

Partial to Home: Rust is a color

Posted 4/8/2017 in Local Columns

Ben Kilgore would like to sell you a school bus. Not just any school bus, mind you, a '57 Chevy 3800. Condition is, well, rough. Maybe even rougher than the pictures on craigslist suggest.

Slimantics: A tale of two fathers

Posted 4/7/2017 in Local Columns

For most of his life, Peggy' Sue's dad was a racist.


Wyatt Emmerich: Homage to an old pilot

Posted 4/6/2017 in Local Columns

There's an old pilot saying: There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. And then there is my father-in-law Bob Knight.



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