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Partial to Home: Keep them doggies rollin' ...

Posted 10/21/2017 in Local Columns

Earlier this year Doug Wheeler, 76, broke his ankle while water skiing. During his seven-week convalescence, his wife, Pat, chauffeured him on his daily rounds.


Wyatt Emmerich: Towards safer streets

Posted 10/20/2017 in Local Columns

As fall approaches, the days get shorter with increasing rapidity.



Bill Crawford: Is Amazon becoming the new local job killer?

Posted 10/19/2017 in Local Columns

Rural communities just thought Walmart was the great job killer. Now comes Amazon.


Slimantics: The tragic sadness of 'Me, too'

Posted 10/18/2017 in Local Columns

I have never been an accomplice to a crime. Put another way, I have never been a victim of sexual assault/sexual abuse/sexual harassment. Those who have know precisely what I mean.

Slimantics: Sometimes, even kids should be 'uncomfortable'

Posted 10/17/2017 in Local Columns

Last week, the Biloxi School District removed Harper Lee's classic novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" from its eighth-grade language arts curriculum after complaints from some of the students' parents.

Possumhaw: Them old cotton fields

Posted 10/16/2017 in Local Columns

A week ago, around every bend a field of cotton edged the road. The crops were defoliated, so stalks stood brown holding fluffy white cotton, like cotton candy on a stick. The fields are beautiful, lying in row after row as far as you can see.


Charlie Mitchell: Admit it: Voting Rights Act had a down side, too

Posted 10/16/2017 in Local Columns

A case the U.S. Supreme Court will decide this term illustrates what happens when good intentions go bad.



Partial to Home: Driving lessons

Posted 10/14/2017 in Local Columns

Recently, before setting out on a road trip, I stopped by the library for a handful of books on tape, invaluable companions on long drives.


Ask Rufus: Passing Thoughts of Long Ago

Posted 10/14/2017 in Local Columns

Sometimes being away from home reminds you of home in a very poignant way.


Charlie Mitchell: Remake of 'Casablanca' to be set in Mississippi?

Posted 10/11/2017 in Local Columns

It's one of the most famous movies ever, with many memorable lines.



Local voices: Our first 100 days

Posted 10/10/2017 in Local Columns

The tradition of marking the first 100 days in office came from President Franklin Roosevelt who was combating the disaster of the Great Depression with a barrage of proactive legislation.


Ask Rufus: Preserving History

Posted 10/8/2017 in Local Columns

In 1917 Jullian Street wrote an article about Columbus for Collier's Weekly Magazine. Street and a Collier's artist were visiting cities and towns across the country for a series called "American Adventures."

Possumhaw: World's most expensive substances

Posted 10/8/2017 in Local Columns

"There are some four million different kinds of animals and plants in the world. Four million different solutions to the problems of staying alive." Sir David Attenborough, broadcaster and naturalist

Slimantics: A good day for the NRA...

Posted 10/3/2017 in Local Columns

Another mass shooting. We've had six of these large-scale shootings in the past 10 years alone, claiming more than 200 lives.


Charlie Mitchell: Farewell to one of the few who always put others first

Posted 10/3/2017 in Local Columns

The time has come to say farewell to Curlie L. Whiten Sr., who died last week at 94.


Possumhaw: Raising a soup garden

Posted 10/2/2017 in Local Columns

The cracks in the ground are so wide you could put a nickel in sideways. We've been running the yard sprinklers off well water for the last couple of weeks. For the entire summer season, we didn't see dry grass or tree leaves curling, not until now. A person could get use to no watering. Sam mostly mans the sprinklers, aiming them over the grass.

Partial to Home: All things ancient

Posted 9/30/2017 in Local Columns

While most of us would declare the study of Latin and Greek terra incognita, Bob Wolverton would argue vehemently otherwise.

Ask Rufus: The Queen City Hotel

Posted 9/30/2017 in Local Columns

One of Columbus' most historic sites is also one of the most difficult about which to find a great deal of accurate information.

Slimantics: Burns' 'The Vietnam War' is mesmerizing, heart-breaking

Posted 9/27/2017 in Local Columns

For me, the Vietnam War was condensed into two memories.

Possumhaw: Fishing, flowers and fall

Posted 9/25/2017 in Local Columns

Those few cool days we had were intoxicating and the comfort of gardening was a rush; likened to a movie trailer to make you want more. I did, I do. I'm ready for fall.


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