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Froma Harrop: Big Pharma may own Washington, but it doesn't own Amazon

Posted 2/2/2018 in National Columns

President Trump offered few words about health care in his State of the Union address. He did mention drug prices, though.



Mona Charen: The sometimes difficult truth

Posted 2/2/2018 in National Columns

Early in George W. Bush's first term, I was dining with a friend who didn't agree with my worldview.



Steve Chapman: Trump should do the state of the union every week

Posted 2/1/2018 in National Columns

This year's State of the Union address was in line with past ones: a tedious and bloated exercise in Washington pageantry that ate up a lot of cable news time despite its almost complete irrelevance to how Americans will actually be governed.



Leonard Pitts: Sisters are doin' it for us all

Posted 1/31/2018 in National Columns

Sisters are doin' it for themselves. That, you may remember, was the title of a hit 1985 pop song. But 33 years later, pop has become prophecy.



Bernard Goldberg: Trump and the psychiatrists out to get him

Posted 1/30/2018 in National Columns

It's been a while now since the president's doctor said that while Donald Trump could stand to lose a few pounds, he's in "excellent" health.



Other editors: Clear targets only way for schools to succeed

Posted 1/27/2018 in National Columns

The moving target teachers and school administrators in Mississippi are expected to hit each year with state-calculated grades might end up shifting again midyear after an apparent issue raised from federal education leaders.



Leonard Pitts: What if Donald Trump were smart?

Posted 1/27/2018 in National Columns

It is likely not a question you've given a lot of thought. After all, the urgency of our ongoing disaster leaves little time for speculation. One is too busy tallying up the damage that's happening to worry about the damage that could.



Steve Chapman: The Trump economy is no great success

Posted 1/27/2018 in National Columns

Amid all the uncertainty about Donald Trump's presidency, his admirers are sure of one thing: The economy is booming, and it's because of him. We are riding a mighty wave of prosperity driven by his tax cuts, deregulation and business savvy.



Patrick Buchanan: In a Trump hunt, beware the perjury trap

Posted 1/26/2018 in National Columns

Asked if he would agree to be interviewed by Robert Mueller's team, President Donald Trump told the White House press corps, "I would love to do it ... as soon as possible. ... under oath, absolutely."



Froma Harrop: A shutdown not to remember

Posted 1/25/2018 in National Columns

By Groundhog Day, the government shutdown will have been largely forgotten. That's a guarantee.



Salena Zito: Groundhog Day in America

Posted 1/24/2018 in National Columns

"There is no limit to what we can achieve when we set free the dreams of our incredible people," President Trump said to a crowd of supporters standing on the decidedly cold cement floor of an equipment company in suburban Pittsburgh.



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