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Bernard Goldberg: Freedom from speech on campus

Posted 9/30/2017 in National Columns

It's not exactly a secret that liberal college campuses are among the most illiberal places in America. Liberals talk a good game about diversity -- but it's not diversity of opinion they have in mind. Just ask any number of prominent conservative speakers who got shouted down when they tried to speak on campus.



Patrick Buchanan: Judge Moore and God's Law

Posted 9/29/2017 in National Columns

When elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2000, Judge Roy Moore installed in his courthouse a monument with the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai carved into it.



Connie Schultz: 'It never ends'

Posted 9/28/2017 in National Columns

Before I started attending Kent State in the fall of 1975, I was a kid living in small-town Ashtabula, Ohio, on the northern edge of a county by the same name, which had lost 26 servicemen in the Vietnam War.



Steve Chapman: Why do whites oppose the NFL protests?

Posted 9/27/2017 in National Columns

In a poll, whites were asked whether the NFL players kneeling in protest during the national anthem are helping or hurting the cause of racial justice. No fewer than 85 percent said they're hurting it.



Patrick Buchanan: Will NFL demand respect for Old Glory?

Posted 9/26/2017 in National Columns



Steve Chapman: Trump's dangerous confusion on the Iranian deal

Posted 9/23/2017 in National Columns

When it comes to the Iranian nuclear deal, the Trump administration is a carnival of contradiction. Its attitude brings to mind the stor


Patrick Buchanan: Trump -- American Gaullis

Posted 9/23/2017 in National Columns

If a U.S. president calls an adversary "Rocket Man ... on a mission to suicide," and warns his nation may be "totally destroyed," other ideas in his speech will tend to get lost.


Leonard Pitts: Sean Spicer at the Emmys no laughing matter

Posted 9/22/2017 in National Columns

"Was nothing real?" -- Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show"



Connie Schultz: All is not forgiven, Sean Spicer

Posted 9/21/2017 in National Columns

On his first full day as president, Donald Trump showed up at the CIA, described journalists as "among the most dishonest human beings on earth" and accused them of making up stuff about him.



Patrick Buchanan: Who truly imperils our free society?

Posted 9/20/2017 in National Columns

"The Barbarian cannot make ... he can befog and destroy but ... he cannot sustain; and of every Barbarian in the decline or peril of every civilization exactly that has been true."



Salena Zito: Look to the many, not the few

Posted 9/19/2017 in National Columns

A lone protester paced in front of Harvard University's admissions office on a foggy Monday morning.



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