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Our View: In the wake of a tragedy, Artesia's strength is shown

Posted earlier today in Dispatch Editorials

The triple murder that shook the small town of Artesia will leave an indelible mark on the community for years to come.



Our View: Airport tax bill deserves full support

Posted yesterday in Dispatch Editorials

In 2004, the Mississippi Legislature made a change in a law applying to the state's airports in a well-intentioned effort to help our state's regional airports improve service and attract customers.



Our View: Online commenters signal the End Times?

Posted 1/16/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Each week, between 40,000 and 50,000 folks turn to The Dispatch's website to read the news. One feature offered online that is not available in the print edition is the ability to leave anonymous comments below each story.



Our View: Relying on long-established standardized tests could free teachers to do what they're best at: teaching

Posted 1/11/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

As has been noted, this year's session of the Legislature isn't likely to take up many controversial topics. For legislators, it's a matter of self-preservation during an election year.



Our View: If only we all cared like Noxubee Refuge visitors

Posted 1/9/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

As the federal government's partial shutdown continues into its third week, the lives of hundreds of thousands of federal employees have been affected.



Our View: GTRA continues to be asset for industry, community

Posted 1/8/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Flight delays aren't frequent at Golden Triangle Regional Airport, where the on-time rate of 87 percent exceeds the industry average of 82 percent.



Our View: Big picture should help ease the pain of MSU bowl loss

Posted 1/2/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Someday -- not today probably -- the sting of frustration that accompanied Mississippi State's 27-22 loss to Iowa in Tuesday's Outback Bowl will subside and Bulldog fans will be able to consider things in a broader perspective.



Our View: Mississippi needs MPB

Posted 12/21/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

At the end of last year's session, the Mississippi Legislature approved a $6.1 million budget for Mississippi Public Broadcasting, a state agency that operates a statewide network of television and radio stations.



Our View: City needed deeper examination of spending before blanket freezes

Posted 12/19/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Columbus residents, like people all across the country, have been awaiting word on a possible government shutdown.



Our View: From a modest start, Happy Irby fund is an example of how we can all help

Posted 12/13/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

In keeping with the spirit of the season, we take note of the many opportunities we have to help the less fortunate, often through large, well-organized charities.



Our View: Labat and Shelton show admirable leadership, cooperation

Posted 12/12/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Since her arrival as superintendent for the Columbus Municipal School District this summer, Cherie Labat has taken pains to carefully craft and nurture the image the city's schools present to the community.



Our View: 4-County honors its mission with 'keep the change' grants

Posted 12/11/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

"Keep the change" is an old expression, usually a small, seemingly insignificant gesture motivated as much by convenience (who wants to fool with a few coins?) as charity.



Our View: A good start for The Retail Coach

Posted 12/6/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

It's still too early to tell just how effective The Retail Coach will be in reinvigorating Columbus' retail sector.



Our View: In Mississippi, dogs and cats are a shameful export

Posted 12/4/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Some exports are better than others. In Mississippi, poultry, forest and agricultural products such as corn, cotton and soybeans are exports that share the state's economy. Other exports aren't exactly something to crow about.



Our View: New life for a struggling airport

Posted 11/30/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Pending approval by the Columbus City Council and the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors, the Columbus-Lowndes Airport will be "under new management," as the saying goes.



Our View: Hydroelectric studies at area dams generate interest

Posted 11/29/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Since its completion in 1984, efforts to maximize the benefits of the Tenn-Tom Waterway have focused heavily on increasing commercial traffic and, of course, recreational opportunities.



Our View: Chancery judges are quite possibly the most important positions decided yesterday

Posted 11/28/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday, roughly 880,000 Mississippians went to the polls to determine who will represent the state in the U.S. Senate, a great turnout for a runoff election.



Our View: One more time

Posted 11/27/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Today, and for the fourth time this year, Mississippians are headed to the polls.



Our View: The holiday that is as diverse as we are

Posted 11/21/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Long before Abe Lincoln proclaimed it a national holiday in 1863 and long before the Pilgrims' 1621 feast that inspired it, a guy in Rome best expressed the idea behind what we recognize as Thanksgiving: "A thankful heart is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the other virtues," Cicero wrote more than 2,000 years ago.



Our View: Rumors swirl around New Hope shooting death

Posted 11/20/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

The death of 20-year-old Tyler Hall is a tragedy, and that is something everyone can agree on.



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