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Our View: Underhanded campaigns sully hospital sale referendum

Posted 11/3/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

On Tuesday, voters in Oktibbeha County will go to the polls to decide if the county can sell the county-owned OCH Regional Medical Center. The vote, it is thought, will bring to an end a long and emotionally charged debate.



Our View: It should never have come to this

Posted 11/2/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

What was supposed to have been a routine measure to extend Lowndes County's 2-percent restaurant tax has become an unseemly turf war between the city of Columbus and the county.



Our View: Taking full measure of the 'Mullen effect'

Posted 10/31/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

A Ph.D. candidate in sociology in search of a dissertation might consider examining college football fans for insight into human behavior.



Our View: Relationships at the root of our rich cultural offerings

Posted 10/27/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

The expression, "It's all about who you know," most often carries a negative connotation, suggesting that relationships often lead to advantages.



Our View: Governor, Legislature shouldn't pass the buck on flag, tax increase

Posted 10/26/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

On Monday, Elizabeth Abston and Julian Rankin of the Mississippi Museum of Art, unfurled Mississippi's bi-centennial flag during the Hazard Lecture Series at Heritage Academy Elementary School.



Our View: From failing schools come failing communities

Posted 10/20/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Ever year at this time, the Mississippi Department of Education releases its "report cards" for schools and school districts throughout the state.



Our View: A weekend chock full of options

Posted 10/19/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Aprils and Octobers are distant relatives (calendar-wise, at least), but share common traits.



Our View: An encouraging victory in the fight against cancer

Posted 10/13/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

The story of MUW math professor Dr. Agnes Carino illustrates an important point where medical treatment is concerned.



Our View: Automation creates anticipation, anxiety

Posted 10/12/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Americans are fascinated by technology, including automation and robotics. We are also more than a little frightened of it.



Our View: Many felons deserve easier path to restoring voting rights

Posted 10/11/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Tonight at 6 at the Level III nightclub on Main Street in Starkville, Mississippi District 38 congressional candidate Cheikh Taylor will host the third annual Expungement Forum.



Our View: Body camera video on police proves helpful

Posted 10/10/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

It has been three years since the Columbus Police Department first began equipping its officers with body cameras.



Our View: Next week's housing initiative could lead to a stronger community

Posted 10/6/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Want to improve our community by reducing poverty, crime, failing schools, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic abuse and falling property rates?



Our View: Schools are teaching our children the wrong lesson about America

Posted 10/5/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Monday, at a volleyball game in New Hope, a group of Starkville High School athletes took a knee during the playing of the national anthem.



Our View: Shelved courthouse expansion plan should be dusted off

Posted 10/4/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Over the past few years, the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors has made good use of the dividends produced through the investments on its hospital trust fund.



Our View: Survey can help legislators escape echo chamber

Posted 9/29/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Often politicians live and move and form their opinions and strategies from like-minded constituents.



Our View: Voters have the right to know details of hospital bids

Posted 9/28/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday, the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors opened and reviewed bids by prospective buyers of its county-owned hospital. This comes six weeks ahead of the Nov. 7 election during which voters will decide if the supervisors have permission to sell the hospital.



Our View: A compliant but unenthusiastic response to special-ed needs

Posted 9/26/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Before Monday's special-call meeting of the Columbus Municipal School District Board of Trustees meeting, board president Jason Spears said he hoped the meeting -- an open forum on the district's special education program -- would show the district's efforts go beyond "checking the boxes."



Our View: Mayhew: From bees and beer to a center for education

Posted 9/20/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

There's not much to Mayhew, at least not that first meets the eye.



Our View: Shopping for a college

Posted 9/19/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

High-achieving students may be different in myriad ways, but one thing they have in common is keen sense of curiosity.



Our View: Lewis' response to rogue officer inadequate

Posted 9/13/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday, during the Columbus city council's regular meeting, a personnel matter will be discussed in executive session. Typically, the nature of these personnel matters is a mystery. But in this case, it's the worst-kept secret in town.



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