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Our View: Efforts to expedite foster care training requires caution

Posted 2/15/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

The foster care system in Mississippi has been a source of shame and embarrassment for years, if not decades. That's the bad news.



Our View: Ward 5 meeting turnout encouraging

Posted 2/14/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Monday evening, consultant K.B. Turner held the second of six planned ward meetings to discuss how the Columbus Police Department can better serve its residents and what residents can do to assist those efforts.



Our View: Death of ed funding bills are a win for state's K-12 education

Posted 2/10/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Sometime the best action is no action at all.



Our View: The common thread is education

Posted 2/9/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

A cabinet confirmation. A piece of state legislation cloaked in secrecy. A ban on immigrants from seven Muslim nations. A visit from a university chancellor to a local civic club.



Our View: Oversight board serving useful purpose

Posted 2/7/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

More than a year ago, as city officials sought to manage the crisis created by the officer-involved shooting death of Columbus resident Ricky Ball in October 2015, the city council passed a package of six new or revised CPD policies.



Our View: Internet sales tax is a no-brainer

Posted 2/3/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

If the Mississippi Legislature had the power of divine healing, it would make the lame man blind.



Our View: For Columbus, craft brewery bill day late and a dollar short

Posted 2/2/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

It appears Mississippi is well on its way to stepping into the 2tst Century with legislation that will allow a growth industry to take off moving through the Legislature.



Our View: Joining forces to fight drug crimes makes perfect sense

Posted 2/1/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday's decision by Columbus and Lowndes County governments to resume its joint drug task force is a positive step at an important time.



Our view: Reader comments expose a dark, troubling vein of racism

Posted 1/28/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

In a few days, the United States will observe Black History Month, a time when the nation reflects on its past and notes the progress we have made in race relations.



Our View: Eliminating Arts Commission a bad idea

Posted 1/26/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

To call art a tourism-generator, which Mississippi Senate Bill 2611 would do, is correct.



Healthcare clinic a positive move

Posted 1/20/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Today, we inaugurated a new president, and, as it is with every new administration, there will be changes.



Our View: Council's decision to hire crime consultant a positive step

Posted 1/19/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

During Tuesday's meeting, the Columbus City council voted to hire a consultant to examine ways the Columbus Police Department can be more effective in fighting crime.



Our View: Two philosophies on partisanship

Posted 1/17/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

The Mississippi Legislature reached a deadline Monday.



Our View: Police chief's fatalistic view on crime undermines public confidence

Posted 1/12/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Closing in on his first year as Columbus Police Chief, Oscar Lewis has often made reference to his Christian faith, beginning during his interview for the job last January.



Our View: The W's important role

Posted 1/11/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

To the casual observer, Mississippi University for Women might seem a redundancy, and a small one at that.



Our View: Mother Goose endowment reveals our city's true nature

Posted 1/10/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

The official campaign for the Mother Goose endowment at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library ended Saturday, with "Goose's Grand Gala" at the Trotter Center.



Our View: The way we were -- and can yet be

Posted 1/6/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

This week, two events -- seemingly unrelated opened a window on what we used to -- and how we might recapture it as well.



Our View: Roll on, Dak

Posted 12/30/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

As the year comes to a close, most us will likely view 2016 with ambivalence -- a mixture of good and bad, as is common with most years. We got enough of each to look forward to 2017 with guarded optimism.



Our View: Everyone has a role in upcoming municipal elections

Posted 12/29/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

The 2017 election season begins locally almost as soon as the new year.



Our View: Christmas has arrived in the (Saint) Nick of time

Posted 12/24/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Christmas has arrived. We know this not by a simple glance at the calendar, of course.



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