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Voice of the people: W. H. Harris, Jr.



Voice of the people: Robert Gillis



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Voice of the people: Benny Cooper



Voice of the people: Bert Montgomery

As a Baptist pastor, I am saddened by the decision of the Board of Aldermen to go back on its initial "Plus-One" insurance option.



Voice of the people: Letter to a town

Label this "exit interview." The family embarked this summer on our fifth move in 18 years, thanks to the bread-winning husband and father who is in the American manufacturing industry. In more ways than one, I'm glad I got to know ya! In more ways than one, I am glad to be leaving you.



Voice of the people: Questions textbook purchases

Based upon the limited information we have, what are we ordinary citizens supposed to believe about the purchase of new school books by the Board of the Columbus Municipal School District (CMSD)?



Voice of the people: Billy Wilemon Jr.



Voice of the people: Charles W. Bond

Rufus Ward has, once again, written a well researched and interesting historical article, specifically the piece on Columbus AFB Heritage, in Sunday's edition. As a retired Air Force officer and pilot, I greatly appreciate the long running contributions of the base to the Columbus community and, more importantly, to our nation's national security.



Voice of the people: Jean Bigelow

It makes me so sad to read about the mural on Catfish Alley. When will people realize that this is our town and when you deface and try to destroy, that you are doing it to all of us?



Elizabeth Guyton: Concerned about unbalanced reporting



Tim Hudson: Good game, Terry



Voice of the people: Greg Stewart



Voice of the people: Congressman Alan Nunnelee



Voice of the people: Saul Vydas M.D.



Voice of the people: Ralph H. Weems III

As you are aware, my son Ralph, and his friend, David Knighten, were brutally beaten at the Huddle House in West Point early Saturday morning. The senselessness of this crime has cast a pall over not only the victims and their families, but over our entire community as well.



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Voice of the people: Robin Thompson



Voice of the people: Billy Hairston



Voice of the people: Why not look into privatization?

After reading the editorial about privatizing Public Works in The Dispatch Thursday I'm still asking myself, "Why in the world did David Armstrong suggest a tax increase was inevitable and why would he not want to allow the company to do an audit, free of charge to us, in order to advise us on whether it would be a money saving move or not?



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