Billy Hall: 'Stupid' laws

June 29, 2011 10:47:00 AM



Just watched WCBI News at 6 & heard about the new laws taking effect 1 July 2011, and wondering how stupid the law makers can be. Yes, I said stupid. A new law passed that it''s a felony to mistreat animals. What are they thinking? I do not condone hurting animals BUT, why isn''t it a felony to abort a baby? A baby is a human life & should not be killed. Yes, I am a Christian & do not believe in abortion. seems to me this country is going straight down the toilet & all that''s needed is a flush to finish it off. Go ahead readers & say something about me not being patriotic. Wrong again, I''m retired Air Force & did time in Vietnam. Back to the law about animals. If we would get back to what this country was founded on, In God We Trust & One Nation Under God, laws against abortion would be the same as laws against hurting animals. Thank you. 


Billy J. Hall